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Weird announcing it on my 98th post, but yes, because I LOVE YOU ALL so much, I will be holding a 100th
POST GIVEAWAY! woohoo! It's definitely been quite a stretch for me to last in blogging this long, so this is just a simple way of showing my appreciation to all of you.
And since my last giveaway (ChickDownTown.com partnership) was for my readers in the US, this time around I'm showing the love to my home peeps here in the PI (international readers are open if you want, but S&H has to be shouldered by you)! I'm pretty excited myself.:)
UP FOR GRABS is one spike and leather headband (refer to previous post for other shots) and one body harness, both seen below. Both items will be fully customized by hand according to the winner's specifications (e.g. the chaining, spike size, etc). Definitely of-the-moment accessories to have.:)
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spike and leather headband with sequined tee

The rules in joining are pretty easy, so make sure to give it a go!

1) Must be a resident of the PI;
2) Must be a follower of CITT (follow tab on the side);
3) Link back the contest on your site (for bloggers); or alternately answer the question "What will you style these accessories with?" if you don't have a blog
4) Make sure to leave a comment after steps 1, 2 and 3

Told you it was pretty easy! Contest ends on Feb. 14. Haha, Valentines Day! So there, best of luck to all!

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as seen here on yours truly with DIY thigh-high spats, tank dress and blazer

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on Rand
P.S. Thanks to my beloved Kristine for the photo I used for my new header. Make sure to check out StyleCebu.com!

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