out of hibernation

11:23 AM

Forever 21 longline gray wool coat (similar here) | Zara mohair sweater and jeans | thigh-high boots from Nordstrom Rack | Aldo Sauls crossbody saddle bag 

I'm sorry if I've set this blog aside (like way, way aside) the past couple of weeks. To say that it was a bit of a rollercoaster is a huge understatement and trust me, only touches what has been going on in my life on a skin-deep level. Winter (and February, actually) has not been a good friend at all to me. I had to let things run it course for awhile and reclaim some breathing space.

With March and spring rolling in, I'm glad a lot of the challenges of last season are coming to pass. Literally and figuratively a new season is being rolled in, and I'm fairly optimistic this time around. Hope you guys are, too!

I'll be updating more soon!

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