Hi there! My name is Eden, and I'm the blogger behind the rather confusingly-named lifestyle, fashion, and everything-in-between blog, Chic in the Tropics. Why confusing, you ask? Well, I am a born and bred island girl from Cebu, Philippines who left everything and everyone to relocate to the Greater Detroit Area in Michigan, United States-- farthest thing from the tropics, for sure! However, I've been blogging under this moniker since 2009, and I guess I'm keeping it. Let's just say that I'll always be that tropical girl at heart (sans the heat and humidity).

I guess you can say that I'm someone who wears many, many hats - ardent filmmaker and actor, occasional fashion stylist and digital marketer, and a previous radio DJ and voiceover talent. I am somehow now working in the beauty industry, being my first employment in the US. Whatever hat I'm currently wearing, though, I am a full-time wife to my creative partner husband Thaad (he shoots all my photos and handles cinematography for my directed short films!), and a newly-minted momma to my three-month-old, Dallas Isaac.

Life is certainly different and a bit hard these days, trying to start all over again in a new country and all, but we're getting there, one baby step at a time. I appreciate you stopping over and hearing what I have to say on this blog! :)

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