Camel and Leather Comforts

10:13 AM

Ever since I became a mom, I've increasingly become a creature of comfort. When it comes to my personal style, I've definitely crossed over to the minimalist side, and I'm not in the least bit ashamed to admit it. I've fallen in love with chic, timeless, structured pieces that I can put on repeat without so much as a tiny guilt trip. And black, lots of black, as per ush.  Call it practicality, call it a shift in attitude and taste. Call me a repeat outfit offender if you wish -- I'll proudly wear it like a badge!

Old Navy pompom beanie, Adidas Superstars, Aldo SAULS crossbody bag, leather pants from AEO, ASOS black turtleneck, black leather gloves from Nordstrom, Forever 21 camel coat

Take this gorgeous textured camel coat, for instance, which definitely needs to be on everyone's "10 must have items to acquire like ever" list.  I have literally not stopped wearing it since acquiring it a couple of months back. You can literally throw it over anything and pair it with everything, and I promised myself I'd buy less and less from Forever 21, but I knew it was going to be such a good buy, considering that I'll literally wear it like a jillion times. It's all about the baby steps, after all.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by today -- there's a lot of surprises in store for this blog in the next couple of months, so stay tuned! :)

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