LensCrafters' AccuExam: Why Annual Eye Health Exams are Important

5:24 PM

HYAAAY it's 2016 already! Are we doing good on our resolutions, or nah? Hope the new year has been treating you all great so far! 

Aside from my own personal, hopefully more attainable resolutions for this year, I also resolve to invest and never overlook the one thing that really matters: the overall health of me and my two boys. We already know the annual examinations that we regularly take - visits to our OBGYN, our dentist, our PCP -- but did you guys know how important it is to schedule an annual eye exam (even if your vision is crystal clear)? Read on after the jump to find out more about the AccuExam!

Say hello to the two cutest guys on the planet! Squee! 

Meet the i.Profiler Plus by ZEISS, one of the most advanced and exact tools for analyzing eyes today. They're one of the few locations in the country to have the device.
Thaad taking questions about his vision, lifestyle, etc

This, is, my. eye. How fricking trippy is that?!

With Baby Dallas and Dr Carolyn Easter, resident at the Twelve Oaks branch. She's awesome!

Frame options for every style and lifestyle are at Lenscrafters

He just learned how to say "Hewwow!"

Earlier last month, the three of us got to a special invite to visit the newly renovated LensCrafters in Twelve Oaks (recap here), where we not only saw the gorgeous frame options, but also got really schooled about the Accuexam, a more state-of-the-art, precise eye exam experience.

LensCrafters leaves nothing to guesswork when it comes to your eyes-instead of relying on the manual process you may have experienced elsewhere, AccuExam reads the shape of your eyes and automatically recommends the best prescription for you. AccuExam advanced digital technology to provide high-resolution, 3D images, simulations and videos that give your doctor—and you—a window to your eye health. This customized view of your eyes helps to detect health issues including glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes. We got to literally see a 3D picture of the inside of our eyes, veins and all. Except for our not-so-perfect vision, our eyes were the picture of health. Yay to knowing for sure!

Our visit to the Twelve Oaks branch was actually the second time I personally experienced the Accuexam, and it's definitely worth it every single time. We got to sit down with Dr. Carolyn Easter, who took the time to explain to us anomalies we should worry about, things in our vision to look out for, and how we can take care of our vision. If you had any questions or concerns at all about your sight, trust me, they take the time out to talk to you.

Overall, our family had a great time, and we learned a lot, to boot. We also found out how important it was to schedule an actual vision exam for Dallas, which I definitely plan to do very soon.

Thank you Lenscrafters for our Accuexams! :)

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