Carpe Diem 2016

8:00 PM

I get it - we're all a bit tired of that same old "New Year, New Me" rhetoric (we all saw that meme of Robert Downey Jr. rolling his eyes, right?). We're all a little bit older now, and sometimes it feels like every new year's resolution becomes just plainly obligatory to say as opposed to something we actually plan on following through. I know because I'm guilty of the same mistake. I still eat a lot of carbs, I'm still not on a vegan diet, and I still don't exercise at least three times a week. Again, guilty.

However, on the year I actually turn the big 3-0, I hope you can give me this space to say my own "new year, new me" statement without so much as a little virtual side eye because believe me when I say that I'm determined to actually follow through with this one. 

Wearing a Forever 21 camel coat, ASOS fedora hat, Sonoma oversized scarf, Old Navy sweater dress and tights, Aldo SAULS saddle crossbody bag, and boots from Amiclubwear

For my own personal resolutions for next year, I'm going to have to dial down on the grand, sweeping statements in lieu of something I can actually do (and hey, if I can go meatless next year, then great!). This time around, I'm just trying to be more of the person that you see here in this picture - optimistic, always wearing a smile instead of frowns or worry lines, and yes, maybe continue to have dewy skin (thank you makeup!) and drinking hot cocoa by the city fountain more often, haha. Kidding aside, 2015 was a mixed bag for me. It's been almost two years since I moved away from my country, and I still feel very far from where I envisioned myself to be at this point. 

A lot of times I still feel lost, and the struggle to continue the awesome things I started back home still seems like an uphill climb. However. I can't deny that this year opened so many doors for me-I have new friendships and relationships that I treasure very dearly; I've been working towards establishing myself again slowly, but surely; I've been creating more and working more; and I've traveled and seen so many new places that inspire the next story or film I'm going to work on. More importantly, I have two very beautiful men in my life (the other "man" is my little Dallas in case you're wondering!), and other family and friends who will love me no matter what. 

I've been reading "Oh, the Places You Will Go" every night to my son before bed, partly as a way to keep encouraging myself before turning in every night. It's still one of the truest, most inspiring things ever, and Dr. Seuss was so right about everything. Unfortunately in life we have to play the waiting game sometimes, and that can be slow and infuriating as heck - but we can do so with a lot more patience and a lot more gratitude. I admit I lose track of both sometimes, and I'm trying to correct that for next year.

To be happier, to be more patient, and to be more grateful. Doable, right? See you in the new year! xx

P.S. How STUNNING is Campus Martius Park/Downtown Detroit during the holidays?!! So perfect!

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