Detroit Fashion News: Class Committee Releases Winter Collection

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First Class Committee, created by fashion designer Terrance Jones, has launched a music‐influenced men’s clothing and lifestyle brand made in Detroit, and is debuting its first men’s winter collection to the public. This is the first collection First Class Committee has released since moving from Austin, TX to Detroit, MI.

 What separates First Class Committee from the competition is that Jones designs and sews all the clothing himself from scratch in Detroit, allowing the company to easily adapt to the growing fashion trends and truly making each piece of clothing unique.

“The main reason why I created this clothing line is so the middle class could be ableto express their sense of fashion just like the way the first class could, hence the name of the company,” says Jones. “Not only do I want people to be able to express themselves by wearing my clothes, I want them to be able to have the utmost confidence and live the first class lifestyle when they wear my clothes.”
When you think of a designer brand the words “expensive” and “overpriced” come to mind, but First Class Committee has come up with a way to change that. Since Jones cuts out the middleman by designing and sewing all his products himself, he is able to sell his products at a more affordable price. Not only is First Class Committee priced well, but also it provides customers with a unique sense of fashion that is inspired by the music and grit of the inner city.

“Living in cities such as Detroit, Houston, and Austin gave me an opportunity to be surrounded by all sorts of fashion that have been inspired by the music these cities have created. I took advantage of that and mixed all of my favorite styles into one to create my own style,” says Terrance Jones.

First Class Committee’s men’s winter collection consists of long‐sleeve shirts ($44.99), sweaters ($64.99), and hoodies ($79.99) that adapt the style of today’s trending fashion in music. The fabrics used for the long‐sleeve shirts consist of a comfortable cotton/polyester mix used for the t‐shirt body, and a colorful mixture of cotton prints that are used for the pockets and stripes. The fabric used for the sweatshirts and hoodies consist of a cozy, warm mix of cotton/polyester that display the play on the contrasting black and white color scheme used throughout the pieces.

The winter collection will be available for purchase at the official online store,

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