Simple Holiday Look for Under $20: Sara from Sookie Spartan's Take!

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Hi guys,

So, don't be surprised if you see posts from another gorgeous and stylish gal that's NOT me (hahaha) here on the blog! I will be collaborating with Sara from Sookie Spartan - a fellow Michigan blogger, teacher, fellow almost-30 gal, and mother to another beautiful one-year-old named Otto. After being like "hey! we have so many things in common!" with each other on a local blogger Facebook group, we immediately clicked. You'll be seeing a couple more posts from Sara, and I'm sure they're all going to be awesome!

Here goes!

Hola Edendinians,

Forgive me for temporarily taking over Eden's exotic and fashion savvy blog. I love her too. However, I promise we will enjoy each other's company and become quite close. How you say? Well, Eden and I are both sassy little mommies who have a sick addiction to fashion, beauty, and caffeine. Eden and I fell for each other after discovering one another on a local Facebook blogger group.  Although I'm not as close to the Detroit area as I once was, I am still in the vicinity and consider the ladies my soul mates...of whom I haven't been able to meet yet. But one day it will happen and fun will be had.

Today I'm bringing you a quick and easy holiday look for under $20 dineros! Glamour looks are certainly fun to create, but I most often find myself going for more natural looks for family events. They're easy and low-key for the daylight hours.

Rather than grabbing my typical liquid foundation, I snagged Milani's Face Powder in  Medium. It serves as a setting, finishing, and blotting powder, while also evening out my complexion. I worked it in with my kabuki brush and made sure it didn't find any dry patches of skin. If you have trouble with this, you'll have to add a primer into your routine. However, if you want to stay on the inexpensive train, just use some sunscreen. It serves the same purpose while also boosting your protection from el sol. Milani's face powder runs about $5-6.

To add light color to my cheeks I used a really old school cream blush from Revlon, number 18, Berry Flirtatious. Now I did do a price check on this blush, but it looks like it's so terribly old that the brand may not make it anymore. So side note: discard really old makeup items for your own safety. Many of the sites I found this particular blush on, say it's pretty expensive, but I have a feeling that I didn't purchase it at those prices, so I either bought it on sale or the price has gone up. Revlon does however have similarly named shades of cream blush, so I'm certain you can find a color that appeases your fancy cheekbones.

For my eyes, I very often use Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencil in 608 Cottage Cheese ($4.50), to highlight my brow bones. This is a quick way to do so without having to break out eye shadow and worry about staying power. Nyx's jumbo pencils stay on all day and are very pigmented. I've even started using it on the inner corners of my eyes to highlight my freakishly big ojos.

The main product I have to rave about that I used in this look is e.l.f.'s Expert Liquid Liner. I now have it in brown and Jet Black (as pictured here) and it is amazing! For only $2 you get an incredibly easy to use liquid liner that stays on all day and is nearly too simple to apply and adjust (if you screw up the symmetry of your cat eyes). Now, the brown shade doesn't stay on quite as long, but so far I have found the Jet Black shade to be really nice. Also, it's TWO DOLLARS. So no arguing or complaining.

To finish this quick and easy holiday look, I swiped on Maybelline's Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara (runs about $6.40 or so). Then I snagged the same brand's Color Sensational Lip Stain in 45 Bitten Berry out of my beauty archives. The tip of this lip stain is made out of a felt like material, so because of it's age, it sheds a bit. Newer lip stains such as Benefit's Lollitint are much better, but I was going cheap here.

There you have it mis amigos! A holiday look for under $20 that is ridiculously easy to do. Having an inexpensive makeup look in your bag is a must, because who really wants to have to deal with your crazy family AND have crooked liner?



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