The LensCrafters Experience Part 1: Twelve Oaks Mall Store Gets Chic Makeover

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trying to see if these blue specs would work on my face. maaaybe. hehe

Happy (almost) holidays to all of you! Between my son having a bit of a fever scare (toddlers, amirite!) and the holiday rush, I struggled a little bit to stay timely with my posts so I do apologize for that! Today I wanted to chronicle the very cool experience I had working with the LensCrafters and Luxottica - not too long ago, I received a special invite to preview their newly remodeled store in Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, and chat up with the team about all things vision, and the importance of having your overall eye health checked regularly. There's a LOT of things that we discussed and I don't think I can encompass it in one post, so for today, let me go ahead and show you the super chic new store in Novi and why it's worth the visit!

For the record, I've always liked LensCrafters. I am a bit of a hypochondriac, so imagine how I freaked out when I saw a bunch of little floaters in my eyes (don't Google "floaters" unless you want to read about "retinal detachment" and promptly get scared out of your wits end. seriously don't. lol)  last year. I know I wanted a no-holds barred kind of eye screening, so I promptly scheduled an appointment stat. Though it may cost a little bit more than the average exam, experiencing their AccuExam was one of the most amazing, most clarifying experiences I've ever had health-wise. I will go into detail about that exam later. The staff also made the experience very educational and cool for me.

Going back, just how gorgeous and chic is their new store?! More photos after the jump!

A vast array of Michael Kors eyeglasses from their newest collections - fit for every MK fan out there! :) I, of course, made a beeline for the Burberry collection. 

Naturally my favorite section in the entire store - the dedicated wall for luxury frames! I'm obviously going to have a hard time picking mine!

I saw that pop of cobalt and I was like yep. Let's check this out haha

My boys are such goofs! Here they are with Clinical Director and LensCrafters Vice President Dr. Mark Jacquot, who is an incredibly cool guy whom I learned so much from. So glad to have met you!

A dedicated section to make sure you get the perfect fit down to the very last measurement. Nothing is left to chance here!

With Dr. Mark Jacquot, who flew in just to check out the new store and speak to a few bloggers. Thank you for taking the time out to speak to me and my family!

How can I choose when all my options are this amazing? Can you guess which one I went with in the end?

An absolutely chic makeover and amazing new upgrades in more ways than one. Well done, Lenscrafters!

During the special preview, we got to speak to Dr. Mark Jacquot, VP of LensCrafters, who walked us through the entire store to see the latest not just in stylish and luxury specs, but also with the newest vision exam technology available only to LensCrafters stores nationwide. No detail is obviously left to chance here - there's dedicated areas just to make sure you get the perfect fit, and the customer service experience that you get just stands out from start to finish. I also loved the tasteful, modern update and I'm sure other stores will follow suit soon. 

This invite actually came at a fantastic time as I was actually in dire need of new eyeglasses - unfortunately, my vision and far-sightedness has not improved and things get blurrier by the minute, so I was extremely excited when they told me I could pick out any frame that I liked! LensCrafters houses some of the most premium brands of luxury eyewear from Burberry to Prada and other Luxottica brands, so I knew it was going to be a tough, tough choice.

You're going to have to find out which one I ultimately picked in my next post! xx

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