The Casual Go-To Mom Uniform

9:50 PM

Is the "mom uniform" a thing? As a personal style blogger for the past several years now, I know it's become a bit of a "responsibility to dress it up and play with my options, but as a mompreneur and creative trying to balance playtime and working on my deadlines, I find myself circling back to some old faithfuls and predictable combinations when it comes what I wear to the day-to-day-grind. Some days I like go the extra mile and pull all the stops (particularly during events season!), but most of the time when I'm just running to Kroger/Meijer or taking my child to the pedia, I just can't be bothered.

To all moms out there, what's your go-to "mom uniform" preferences?

Wearing an HM leather panel coat, Levis jeans, Aldo oversized knit scarf, Old Navy pom beanie, Adidas Superstars, Prada FW15 tortoiseshell fram

This is me most days, when I'm spending time with the little one - a cozy jacket, my favorite kicks, and most likely a lot of oversized scarves and some knit. It's not exactly cutting edge or crazy stylish, but sometimes, function (and being able to keep up with my son while he goes crazy on the floor) really is over fashion. :)

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