Weather the Winter: Top Picks from Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary

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Feeling all the gloomy, moody winter blues? Yeah, I feel you. Most of us are not happy campers when the nights become extra long, days are super dry and frigid, and driving becomes a total pain in the butt. Winter, amirite? It's days like these when we really, really need a satisfying, luxurious pick-me-up. Together with The Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary team in Birmingham, here's our top recommendations to weather the winter!

Top Left: Coola Peppermint & Vanilla lip balm - hydrates your cracked winter lips while leaving a refreshing scent of peppermint and vanilla. Also, SPF15 for added protection!

Top Right: I COLONIALI Effervescent Bath Tablets - Thinking of a tropical island getaway from this frigid weather? Yeah, me too. Get transform your bathtub into a tropical pool and slip into a sense of relaxation with these stimulating bath tablets

Bottom Left: I COLONIALI Bath and Shower Cream, Myrrh - I have nothing but love for the entire Coloniali line. Tasteful, minimalist packaging, and a line of subtle, delicate notes. Their bath and shower cream is beautifully scented with a classic winter fragrance that gently envelops your senses- so apropos for those gloomy snow days! 

Bottom Center: Cire Trudon Classic candle, Empire; 9.5 oz: IMHO, the historic Maison of Cire de Trudon elevates candles and candle making into art. Their Classic candles 55-60 hours of burn time, and warms up your space with the scents of pine, sage and hay. Sounds inviting, right?

Bottom Right: Cocovit Coconut Oil - Who doesn't love the amazing goodness of coconut oil? Cocovit's is 100% certified organic, raw coconut oil harvested from South India; and promises to deeply nourish, repair and strengthen your skin and while while ensuring long-term benefits. Exactly what we need during the extra drying days of winter! 

In the Michigan and the Midwest, +Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary  is the premiere destination for hard-to-find luxury offerings. Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary is located in 1744 West Maple Rd., Birmingham, MI. 

disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. 

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