Asian Luxury E-Retail Picks: Zalora and Luxola

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Back when I was in the Philippines, the whole e-retail market was still right on the verge of burgeoning. There were, of course, a lot of small-scale entrepreneurs who were very much ahead of the curve where online shopping is concerned, but the bigger brands and Asian E-commerce sites were a tad bit behind in serving the Philippine market. All that changed, however, when  Zalora  and Luxola entered the market, and safe to say, online shopping changed in that region in a BIG way.

Since I'm about to return to the Philippines for a brief stay sometime in June, and because I still get inquiries about awesome places to do online shopping in the Southeast Asian region, I thought I'd revisit these two favorites of mine to see what's new and updated.


You'd be hard-pressed to find someone in that region who has not heard of Zalora. Considered as THE biggest e-commerce retailer in the entire Southeast Asian region, Zalora dominates not just the Philippines, but also Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and Brunei. Starting off by working with smaller brands, they now have exclusive partnerships with the likes of Mango and River Island, and just recently, already distribute their own Zalora line. I've collaborated with Zalora and ordered from them numerous times, and each time I never had any issues.The options for European fashion clothing at Zalora gets better and better every year, and when I go back, I will head straight to shop from them!


If you're the kind of gal that goes gaga over the newest illuminating powder or contour kit, then Luxola is the place for you. This LVMH-owned makeup e-commerce site literally houses the biggest and even some of the more niche makeup brands in the market. The price points are reasonable and not too far off in comparison to ordering them from North America and Europe, and they offer everything from bath salts to makeup tools. Trust me, you won't regret checking out the latest beauty & skincare products from Luxola!

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