Erase and Rewind

11:18 AM

thrifted textured blazer, Topshop scallop tank, Atmosphere shorts, lace-up suede wedges from Asianvogue shop, XOXO messenger

I apologize for my silence in the blogosphere. I desperately needed to hit the pause button with the flurry of events that have been piling on lately. Unfortunately the only thing I can take a step back on is my blogging, thus it took the hardest hit in my schedule. I'm sowwy. I am human after all and I have no sidekick/temp worker to do ghost writing for me.:p Things will normalize really soon (next week?), and when they do, I'll have interesting stories to tell. For now, let me fill you in on some snippets of what's been happening in my life lately:

1) Been busy promoting the Cinema One Originals film I was in called "Damgo ni Eleuteria". Do Google it--it's won all over Manila and in different film festivals abroad. It's proudly made in Cebu. Unfortunately, we're only able to show it to our fellow Cebuanos just now, two years after it was made. Very psyched for our big screen premiere here. Very proud of that film, kinda shy to "brag" about it here on my blog. But I'll update you more with this for sure.

2) Joined the gym recently. Not feeling really good with myself lately fitness-wise (looking like a total slob and all), and this has worked wonders. Especially during the freak earthquake-tsunami panic that just hit Cebu. Heard of that? Glad we're all safe.

3) When not working, or at the gym, I've been spending too much time staying in. Someone puhleez drag me out and show me a good time.

I'll drop in and respond to your comments whenever possible. And thank you to the ever awesome ASIANVOGUE SHOP for sending these babies in. More details later! ILY all xx

**Photos by Hazel Jane Pacaldo

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  1. Ganahan kaayu kos Blazer and the accesories ! HOMAYGAD ! I Love it jd !

    Anw, Miss Please support my hanging blog giveaway :) HEHEH

    thank you muchos !

  2. oh i love that song from cardigans.anyway,lovely outfit!love the bag :)

  3. Babe! I've missed you and all your posts but I'm happy to know that you are well :) Love that jacket by the way! :)


  4. Oh gosh you made me fall for this look, babe! :) Missed you and glad you're back! I like your Asian Vogue shoes plus your necklace! It's so youuu ♥


  5. wow looking good going to the gym ha. fresh na fresh lang, den. i love. :)

  6. Glad you guys are safe Eden. I was in Cebu a few days ago and felt the aftershock. I'm jealous you joined the gym. I need to work out.

    I love your blazer and necklace and I am jealous of your beautiful photos.

  7. nice blazer.
    you may like some vintage apparel, please do check this out,

    love your style


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