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leather tuxedo-cut jacket from Forever 21, metal plate cuffs from Forever 21, sequin clutch from Tonic, vintage sunglasses, gifted dress, DIY detachable collar and spiked platform booties

Yay, finally some free time. I'm done with the premiere night promotional stints for Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria (Cebu, our Cinema One movies will still be in SM Cinema 3 until the 16th. Please watch! #quickshamelessplug), which took up a lot of my time lately, sooo I'm hoping to be able to catch up on my blogging life already.

Just sharing this quick outfit post of a little something I wore last week going to the gym.  I've been trying to squeeze in taking shots of what I'm wearing whenever I go to the gym because  this is about the only time I step out, working home-based and all. I got this dress from my aunt in Europe, and so i thought of toughening it up a bit with one of my favorite jackets and the stiff collar (and the weather totally permitted this.)

I also wanted to proudly share the newest addition to my shoe closet. Proud because I plucked these babies from a thrift store for Php450 (around $10) in perfect condition, and because I DIYed the badassery into them with the spikes. Very sick. Yes, you don't always need to cough up four or even five figures for great shoes. You just have to look really hard.

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  1. You are always look nice in your outfit miss :) Totally love the Tuxedo blazer ! +1 (parang lookbook lng)

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  2. aamzing platform!! <3
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  3. Hi, Eden! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! <3
    Lovely detachable collar. And your outfit ~rocks~! :)


  4. awww those thrifted and DIY shoes. so badass. i love. :)

  5. Rock chic! :) Wishing you luck on your movie!♥ :) Nice kaayo ang shoes, killer shoes jud, great buy pa jud.

    Re: on my shoes on F21. Limited ra ang stocks ato and I bought it 50% off! from four digits into three (not bad.)

    Have a great day!

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  6. Loooove this outfit, babe! Very edgy, and it's so you!! ♥ And OMGGG, you just DIYed your collar and shoes?? AMAZING. :) Hugs from Manila!


  7. parang the forever21 has better picks, or galing mo lang talaga! love the shoes :))

  8. hello there! thanks for visiting my blog! :) Cheers for the Long Distance Relationship!! Let the love grow more!! btw, nice site! another Fashion blog to visit!


  9. Amazing photos! Love your jacket and armcuffs :)!

  10. Love the jacket! I've always wanted something like that to pair with a floral top. :P

  11. wait, you go to the gym wearing that?? hahaha..sorry eden...might have missed a very impt detail in previous posts...

    moving on -- wicked shoes! :) and you DIYed some parts of it! Galing! :) I want to cry. It's so great! haha. (Just being my usual OA self.)

  12. Your shoes are so edgy Eden! And I love leather jacket. I've always admired your style. :)

  13. Miss you around! Love your edgy style as always babe! :)


  14. LUCKY FIND!!!!!!! gaahh i need to go thrifting again, i just might get lucky as well :)

  15. Syet naman!!! Ganda ganda mo naman dumadating sa gym! Head turner! Haha! Loooove your outfit! Sana lagi ako pwede mag ganyan over here but I cant kase girls cant wear skirts dito. :( I really like your jacket! :) Happy Valentines beautiful! ♥

  16. Love this outfit, babe!! :) Oh, super lucky naman on the shoes!! If you see a size 9 or 10 buy me and I'll pay you. hahah! Great find and DIY-ing, Eden! Hope to see you sometime soon! :)

  17. i love the sequined clutch! and the wedges! soo rocker chic :) just added you into my blogroll!

  18. hi eden! Thanks for visiting my blog! I uber love how your styles! U are truly an icon! follow you!:)

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