Lifedance 2012: Media and Ambassador's Night

1:56 PM

with Lifedance 2012's Joseph Bontilao
 wearing Maldita shirtdress with pleating detail, Soule Phenomenon booties and Tonic clutch
with bff and fellow Lifedance Event Ambassador, Project Runway Philippines' Yves Camingue

Cebu (and I'd daresay a lot of people in the rest of the country and abroad) is definitely gearing up for May 26 as Lifedance 2012 breaks ground as the country's biggest outdoor dance party to date. No exaggeration for such an ambitious feat-- Paradiso Concepts and Legwork Productions promises to deliver an outdoor rave party experience at par to the likes of Belgium's Tomorrowland and Singapore's Zoukout, among others. Revving up for a much larger audience scale and location way above the usual, the hardworking men and women behind Lifedance 2012 aims to put Cebu and the Philippines on the map side by side with its worldwide counterparts in due time. It IS more fun in the Philippines, after all. Why spend way too much on going abroad when you have a world-class experience to call your own? 

The Lifedance team formally kicked off long preparation with a special Media and Ambassador's Night at the Penthouse a couple of weeks back. Truly honored to have been chosen as a part of their roster of Event Ambassadors, because I have nothing but confidence and trust with the producers behind this incredibly huge endeavour. Sorry for the lack of event photos- our camera died along the way:(

I'll be unveiling a lot more of the nitty gritty of Lifedance as we approach the 26th-- if you're not in Cebu, try to book tickets when you can, because I can ascertain that the experience will be worth it. For now, read on more about Lifedance2012 by checking out their event page here.

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  1. looks like e great event!
    i really like your outfit girl.that orange colour is so nice and the shoes are amazing.


  2. hope i can go.... too bad i have bellarocca

  3. I think ill start saving now :p i wanna visit Cebu soon! Love your dress eden ! lalalalove!


  4. Shit. Parang I wanna go back to Cebu. Didn't get to see u pa on my last visit ):

  5. rocking neon til summer ends…and beyond huh? if you have an extra neon fabric ma let me know cuz i want to wrap my neck brace in bright fabric…:)

    ukay date soon! <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  6. Ang landi mo! Hehehe. Miss you. And WANT your hair.

  7. Good grief! I need to look for that Maldita shirt dress stat!


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