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handpainted galaxy-print shorts from Punk X Pretty, Banana Republic button-button down, Forever 21 headband

Photos courtesy of Thaad Sabolboro

Still loving galaxy prints as of late-- long after Christopher Kane and Peter Pilotto for Kipling's starry outings, everyone is still adoring this print. I'm still dreaming of being able to afford all the pieces I can sweep up!

That said, I'd like to quickly thank the very talented Valerie of PunkXPretty for sending me this handpainted (you heard me) pair of galaxy-print shorts. I thought the digital print version was crazy in itself, but Valerie amazingly replicated it down pat. Girl's got mad skills, right?

Check out PunkXPretty today and see how Val spins and gives new life to thrifted and vintage items. See extensive shorts collection below:

Boyfriend's getting used to taking my shots now, teehee. I definitely don't mind transitioning into his Nikon D7000 from my old Canon 400D for my outfit shots. Thank you, boy :) 

Time to catch some z's, thank you for visiting xx

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  1. that's a super cool shorts you got miss Eden! BTW i saw you last Saturday in Mooon Cafe during the Lifedance Price-off party, wanted to take pictures with you but I was in a hurry =(

  2. Hello Miss Eden!

    I love the way you pair up the galaxy shorts with your button down top.

    Pretty Punk!

    Wish you all of life's best! :)

    Ericka :)

  3. Eden, blooming kaayo ka! I like your eye make-up and Val is totally awesome! Super.

  4. Wow! Galing naman ng shorts. I actually want one!!! :) Plus the spike head band. :)


  5. ohmy! definitely love those shorts!! :)

    awee, sweet boyfie! :)
    stay beautiful :)

  6. You look great babe! love that spikey headband! Only you could pull off something like that!

  7. Ganda ganda mo babe! :) Your shorts are also sooo lovely ♥ Miss you na! :(


  8. I have a similar pair :) don't you just love 'em? Valerie is indeed very talented!

  9. You look so happy in love Eden! :) And those Bora pics!!! Just great! Does the boyfriend approve of your short shorts!? haha :) He should! I'd wear them everyday too if I have one like that...a sheer floral top maybe or nautical stripes! Oops..sorry.. Imagining myself already.. :D

  10. Eden kumusta ang lovelife hahhaha i miss your post and i miss you much...enjoy always and stay pwetty love yah




  11. your shorts are awesome! :)

    <3, Mimi

  12. Eden!!! Love that shorts!! and that spike headband that only you could pull it better! :D Happy kayo ka oh seeing that smile :D


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