Forever Summer

9:00 AM

DIY neon yellow earrings and blue ombre shorts.
First photo from Yuno Lloyd Bastareche, and the rest from Thaad

Here's to hoping that these lazy, hazy days of summers spent in calm blue waters and fine shores stretch on forever. Summer is in full swing, and while we hope to be full time vacationistas for this part of the year, most of us are left not being able to do much about it. It's been nearly a month since we left for our Boracay vacation and I'm definitely feeling the blues. Stuck at home, or at work and not being able to just jet to another great summerscape (budget and time constraints, what not), I'm here at home just reminiscing over great Boracay memories through these pictures, and silently envious of friends proud to be out and about and posting their gorgeous pictures online. Truly, I envy you guys.

The only consolation for me is that, in the very least, I don't get to spend the summer alone just like I did last year. I'm still a grateful girl. Still kind of the best summer by far.

Thank you guys for your incredible comments! Ily xx

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  1. aww he's back, you guys look so cute together!looking good too! :)

  2. Beautiful photos, looks like your having so much FUN!!!

  3. cute photos gwaps! and i love the shorts!!! summer-y kaayo :') and happy for you gwaps!!

  4. Love the photos especially the first one. Pang cover photo ang dating. :) Looks like you had lots of fun! :)


  5. great photos! it looks so much fun :)

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  6. Major super grabe naman ang kilig ko with your photos, babe! Well aside from you looking EXTRA gorgeous with your summer wear, your guy's so gwapo! Haha you're perfect for each other!!! ♥♥ Wish you happiness all the time!


  7. wow looks so much fun! I'm spending my summer alone so you should take it literally when i say im so jealous of you!

  8. I wish it's summer all day too! Went island hopping with the boy and his entire family yesterday since his sister from the US is back. Lahi ra gyud. XD

    The first photo is just lovely, Eden! Maka kilig gyud btaw! Happy that your Thad is home. =)

    Happy Weekend!

  9. spell inlavavu! tiheeee!

    i myself am stuck at home this summer and the only time i ever went to the beach was today, on an island hopping adventure with the fam bam...haha! nevertheless, i'm super grateful to have Harry with me everyday. <3

    ps. love the neon earrings ma...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  10. At least you got to Bora it up! Me so jealous...

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  11. Love your DIY earrings and shorts, forever genius! :)

    Kaye Awatin

  12. you're very creative! I love your earrings and shorts!:)

  13. Love this style diary! The pop of color in all your outfits are insanely cool! I wish I were at the beach!

  14. Lovely photos Eden. Makes me miss Pinas even more :(

  15. I miss spending summer in so jealous love...




  16. arrgghhh. why you look so great together? great chemistry.. luma-love team lang ang peg. hope i can find my own superman too. ehehe. btw, the shore looks fanstactic! i bet you had a blast there.


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