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Material Girl by Madonna dress, DIY neon necklace and Dorothy Perkins neon espadrilles, bazaar find bag and sunnies

Photos courtesy of Yuno Lloyd Bastareche

Hello darlings! I know it's been 2 weeks since I last wrote something here. I know it can be quite debilitating for our blogs to have these really long lapses, but I really just wanted to take a short hiatus and get a lot of personal things out of the way as opposed to skipping frequently. It had to call for a certain "blogging sacrifice", which was regrettable but had to be done. I think things now are looking up so, here's to hoping that I make my way back to regular blogging schedule!

I recently took a well-deserved and much-anticipated trip to Boracay with my friends and my significant other, Thaad, who just came back from the United States. We've been away for a year, and after regular bouts of good times and fights, finally reunited again last March. Long distance IS a bitch, and I'm glad we're past that... for now, at least. For now it's all about spending every waking moment if possible and catching up, which has been beyond great. I'm sure you guys can understand that it would be worth all the sacrifice.

I managed to achieve "packing lightly" for Boracay this time (as opposed to my huge luggage from last year--don't judge lol) and I packed in all the neon and brights I could wear, and this print dress which I keep wearing lately. That, along with my beach bag and my boyfriend made a vibrant time out in the Boracay heat.:))

I cannot wait to be catching up with all of you! Thanks for bearing with me xx

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  1. I really love your necklace! Very cool :) You guys look great together by the way :) A very lovely couple :)

    Kisses! xxx


  2. I wasn't blogging much also when Zee and I met after being away from each other for 8 months. Hehe.. He's so gwapo and you guys look so cute together!! I'm so happy for you!!! You look super hot ah!!! ♥

  3. GAAAAHHHH I miss Boracay!!!! Love those sandals! Perfect touch to the outfit! And the necklace, and the shades! It's all about the accessories-- nailed it!

  4. Long distance is definitely no fun, I can relate to the good times and fights but it does pay off. Found your blog while browsing for some neon summer clothes to wear on my spring break trip. I am obsessed with this dress and all your cute accessories. I am looking to get away from sitting in front of my portable air conditioner at work and into the beautiful ocean. A much better way to cool off. Thanks for the post, and the happy pictures. Got me very excited about my upcoming trip.

  5. Wow! I love the dress on you. Very resorts wear ang dating and very sexy pa. :) you look cute together btw!

  6. sexyyy. ikaw na jud! ^_^


  7. You guys look great :) I understand the hiatus. Long distance IS a bitch. Looking forward to your upcoming posts :))


  8. Sweet :) Love the espadrilles too. Keep enjoying summer Eden!


  9. Take all the time you need Eden! My gosh, a year away from your guy?? Yup, you need quality time indeed..Go and have fun...don't worry about us. We will be right here when you come back!!! <3

  10. Cool outfit for bora ;) First photo ftw! :)) #sweetness

    Jewel Clicks

  11. I missed your posts in my blog updates Eden! I so love that dress on you!

    BTW, I'd be flying to Cebu on May 1st and be there till the 5th. I have free time on May 1st and May 4. Lesss go! :)

  12. Yee you guys are such a beautiful couple!! :) Love everything you're wearing :)

    Kaye Awatin

  13. AHHHH I'm so kilig with this post, babe!! :) Truly understand what you're going through. You look so great with what you're wearing, but you look even better with your lovey!! ♥ I'm really HAPPY for you. More kwento this June, yes? :)


  14. EDENNNN <3 you make summer feel like Valentines! Hayy why do I love this pair so much XD

  15. Pwede i share sa Tumblr ang inyong photo? Ka cute oi! Totally worth ditching the blog, E! Hahaha!

    Gash. I'm really kilig! To quote Liezyl, Real Housewife of Cebu City na gyud ang peg!

  16. Love your Outfit..

    ... Kissies..


  17. I love your dress Eden :) Ang cute nung photo niyo together :)

  18. aww you look so uber good together! lovin your dress and accessories :) i def agree, long distance is a pain but well worth it :)

  19. aww you look so uber good together! lovin your dress and accessories :) i def agree, long distance is a pain but well worth it :)

  20. wonderful photos eden :) aaaw i hope you and your significant other can work things smoothly kahit LDR :) i love your hair dear!

  21. kinikilig ako! hehe you look so happy--both of you.:) too bad i didnt see u last time I was in cebu, but ill see you on JunE!:) Love you girl!:)

  22. Like your necklace! =) Lets follow each other?

  23. i love your whole outfit!!! :)



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