Boracay Bound

2:59 PM

Boracay sunsets are absolutely divine.
Trying hard to play ball. lol
Aoi and Yves' polka love

Never going on the Flying Fish again ever.
Yves pre-blonde days. Hahaha.
Getting our drink on
With one of the most beautiful and stylish girls I know and a dear, dear friend of mine, Dane of Trust Me, It's Paradise

Boracay bound again in two days with the same cast members, plus one significant addition. I feel like I'm getting too old to get really rowdy like before, so I'm just looking forward to nothing but immersing myself again in this amazing island and it's culture even just for a few days. The scenario will be somewhat different--I was reeling from a huge wave of sadness and longing for my guy who just left the country then, so I gamely tried to ride on whatever fun my group was getting. Boracay did eventually work wonders, and despite my horrible personal state, I did have a grand time. Fast forward to a year later, and I find myself going back with my boyfriend this time around-- still kinda overwhelmed, but I can't help but be extremely happy and grateful. Guess I don't need to ride the Flying Fish anymore to get that temporary sense of euphoria.

I realized that I haven't shared the shots we took of last year's trip here on my blog-- which I should have, because it brings nothing but incomparable memories. 

Psyched to share this year's photos with you guys! Hope you enjoy your vacay as well :)

Photos from Prem Ananda, JM Yap and Dane Gonzalez

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  1. can't wait for my summer getaway!!!! XD

  2. So jealous! I haven't been to the beach in ages! :)

  3. love the photos! whatta fun! :)

  4. Awesome getaway, babe!! :) Achieve ang beach body!! ♥ I'm excited for my vacation, hope it'd be this fun and amazing! And btw, you're the sweetest girlfriend EVER! ;)


  5. You look so happy in these photos Eden. I'm sure this year's photos will be more colorful, full of love and interesting!!! Yiheeeee...

  6. so happy that your luvee is back in Cebu...hehe. <3
    i want to go back to Boracay..i wonder when.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  7. Looks like a fun time, I love it

  8. crush kaayo nako si dane! OMG :D so pretty you guys!! PS: love the bikini gwaps!

  9. Your swimsuit, WOW!! Love it Eden ;)

  10. wow! luv ur swimsuit.. boracay is heaven indeed.. can't wait to go back!

  11. Missing you sweetie! Looking fab! XXX

  12. A year is not complete without a summer getaway in Boracay. I so love the everything in the island. Every moment is LIFE!


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