Blind Clothing's "Secrets at Sea" + Giveaway Winner!

8:28 PM

Hello loves! I know you guys waited quite awhile for the giveaway results to come up! Quite a crazy couple of weeks as of late with my boyfriend being back in the Philippines and all... Just days floating around in reunion bliss and trying to get him settled down again. It's been crazy! I promise to catch up with all of you very soon.

After quite a delay, it's high time to announce the Blind Clothing x CITT giveaway! With over 150 entries tabulated and drawn randomly, we would like to congratulate the lucky winner to go on a mini-shopping spree with Blind:

Congratulations, Aida Villanueva! We'll be in touch very soon with the details. Happy shopping from Blind Clothing!

What better way to start shopping than to check out this recent style guide from the awesome online brand? Dubbed "Secrets at Sea" and shot by the incredibly talented Matt Aesthetic, Blind's newest lookbook showcases pieces that the girls finally had designed and made. Hurry and get first dibs at the pieces as they are available in limited stocks!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Matt Aesthetic

HMUA: James Canete 

Ninz Sy
MODEL: Jessika Knight

Here's some of my favorite pieces from the collection:

1) sheer mullet skirts in a wide assortment of colors! totally adorbs. thank you to the girls who gifted me with the red version of this!

2) collared sheer tops with paillettes. cute!

Check out what's latest from Blind Clothing here.

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  1. Yay! Congratulations, Aida!!!
    and thank you so much Eden. Mad BLIND love to you gorrgesss <3

  2. I love the mullet skirts!! <3 BTW saw you shopping downtown and I was stars trucked haha

  3. hi there!

    I just saw my name that I won, and I haven;t receive any emails regarding this. Please advise! Thanks :)

  4. The skirts and the way the models carry themselves are absolutely perfect! Love the whole thing :) Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope we can follow each other back. :) Thanks



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