Hearts on Fire: My Music, My Detroit feat. LALA TRIPS

4:00 PM

Hearts on Fire: My Music, My Detroit feat. LALA TRIPS from Thaad Sabolboro on Vimeo.

"Hearts on Fire: My Music, My Detroit" 
Featuring Lala Trips
Direction and Editing by yours truly
Cinematography and Color by Thaad Sabolboro

When I moved over to the US, the ONE major fear that I had was that I wouldn't ever be able to have the chance to be a creative ever again. As a Filipino, I grew up hearing of many immigrant stories and tales passed on to us from relative to relative,  about things like giving up whatever they did back home or their "dream" to work more practical jobs. and "you won't have those opportunities anymore", and other kind of harrowing forms of "advice". I can tell you that while those things may be anchored on reality to a certain degree, I am also not one to give up just like that. I still think that it's up to you to decide whether you'll take whatever hand you're dealt with as an irrevocable fact, or you just move on and continue forging your own path.

Despite all the typical hardships of the typical #immigrantlife and #immigrantproblems, I still consider myself to be lucky. I suddenly find myself surrounded with so many amazing and remarkable individuals and creatives here in Metro Detroit that have made what was a difficult transition a lot easier. And weirdly, despite being a totally different fish swimming in a huge and strange sea, I am still creating. I am creating steadily, and surely. I find myself to be creating with some of the best of the best here, and for that, I am super grateful.

One of the individuals I have had the good fortune to meet and eventually call my friend is the extremely talented and down-to-earth Larita Triplett a.k.a LALA TRIPS (visit her page here), an up-and-coming singer-songwriter/fashion blogger in Detroit. Though we've only met in the past year, Lala has grown to be one of my dearest friends in the city, having bonded over our mutual love for the arts and struggles with being creatives. Also, fashion (of course)! Lala has incredibly dope style. If you're a fan of her music, you definitely should stalk her style, too!

Lala is giving the Detroit Kresge Artist Fellowship a shot this year to further her singing-songwriting career, and we thought it would be great to collaborate on a little film that showcases her talent and truth as a musician. As always, I paired up with my husband to create the film - we hope you guys check it out. Hope you like it!

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