TAG TIME: 20 of My Favorite Things

10:05 PM

Time to answer a long overdue tag!

Since I am feeling incredibly lazy from today's bed weather (a.k.a. non-stop rain) and the fact that this IS long overdue, time to sit my lazy bum down and get crackin'! I'm thanking my gorgeous Filipina senorita friend Cheryl of Adventures of a Pinay Neska for this tag, thanks for rockin' Spain with your incredibly sunny and stylish personality and for never forgetting me.:) Here goes:

Eden's 20 Favorite Things

1) COLOR- black. or i'll be kind and say chrome instead. are those even "colors", really?

2) DESSERT- I'm a sucker for anything chocolate. either that, or a bucket of fried chicken. no, that's not right. haha.

3) SMELL- this is hard since my sinuses are always acting up. ugh gross.:) but I do love men's scents that bring on the turn ons, such as Polo Black, Dior Fahrenheit.. 'nuff said!

4) FLOWER-not big on flowers, but i'd go for long-stemmed roses any day. sigh.

5) ANIMAL-had a pet iguana and i LOVED it. love puppies and kitties too, but you know, too messy and i'm really too busy to take care of it.

LOL at this picture

6) MONTH-September. My birthday!

7) BEVERAGE- Smirnoff Ice. For those days where you want to drink 7 bottles of "alcohol" but still wake up very, very sane. Tasty, too.:)

I want it, ALL of it..hehehe..

8) SHOES- i'd give anything to have a pair (or two, or a hundred) of YSL's cage boot. shoe lust to the extreme level.

9) SNACK- a bag of chips and a banana... at least i'm keeping it healthy!
10) SONG/S- currently obsessing with two songs: "Caribbean Queen" by Billy Ocean and "I Just Don't Have The Heart" by Cliff Richard. i know, i'm an old soul.:)

Yeah, go ahead and pop the champagne Sir Cliff because I can't get your cheesy 80's track out of my head!

11) BOOK- anything from Bob Ong really

12) FRUIT- currently grapes.. there's like a bagful of it in the ref now

13) HAIRSTYLE- this one is tricky. i'm getting a MAYJAH hair change in a few days (the boyf will hate me for it, trust), but i'm not so sure yet what to get! I'll keep you posted:)

14) PIECE/S OF CLOTHING- must haves in closet this time: a hot biker jacket, great fitting harem/drop-crotch pants, a perfectly tailored blazer, and a basic white tee/tank


15) STORES TO SHOP- definitely love to ukay! if i DO go for retail, i'd go for Terranova, a little Topshop, and People are People. and SM is really stepping up their game lately!

16) SEASON- since i'm here in the tropics, there isn't much choice isn't it? for dressing up i'm all for rainly season, and for fun and memories.. nothing beats summer!

17) HOBBY-aside from blogging? going thrifting, producing and hosting shows, shoe shopping

18) THINGS TO COLLECT- SHOES. without a doubt. also tons of cheap but worthy bling that you can pile on to jazz up even simple outfits.
Nicholas Kirkwood. The man is a genius.

19) MOVIE-V for Vendetta. Hugo Weaving. need i say more?


20) RESTAURANT- anywhere that serves good fried chicken!! lol. but that's the truth!

In true blogger style I'm going to randomly pick 8 blog friends to now have the responsibility to answer this post.:) (I swear it's random:)) Guys, do answer if you haven't just yet. can't wait to see your answers!
Becs of Style With Benefits
Anika of African Tea Party
Diane of Overdressed Me
Mads of Fashion is The Best Medicine
Dream Sequins
Tasha of The Hot Spot
Fhen of Little Miss Fhenny
Slanelle of Slanelle's Style
Again, thanks all for the love and support for Chic In The Tropics. It will definitely be, and always is, requited. XOXO

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  1. I like your answers! Honest and amusing! :-)

  2. I also love shoes...they're never enought ;)

  3. Mmmm, I want the ysl boots too...

  4. Crispy fried fried chicken? Hmmm, yummy! Lol on Caibbean Queen, that was a fave song of mine a million years ago.I prefer Ocean Deep, the cheesier the better,hahaha! :) Anyway, thanks for sharing your 20 fave things with us. I'm lavet! :)


  5. defo... yeah indeed welcome to FB for him... :D thanks love....



  6. I'm drooling over those heels!!

  7. ahaha thx for tagging me ! let me answer in a comment -->

    1) COLOR- black.
    2) DESSERT- macadamia nut brittle haggens daaz!!
    3) smell >> Fahrenheit !! me too !!!
    4) FLOWER-yeah, not a fan neither
    5) ANIMAL-i have a cat called rouinguie ! she's fat and so cool !!
    6) MONTH-july and august!! summmer!!
    7) BEVERAGE- Ice Tea and smoothies!
    8) shoes >> pirate boots, vivienne westwood!
    9) snacks : cereals!!
    10) songs : "francis" by coeur de pirate
    11) BOOK- the catcher in the rye , definitely !
    12) FRUIT- bananas :D
    13) HAIRSTYLE- long hair, i can't go short!
    14) PIECE/S OF CLOTHING- i'm waiting for an online packet tomorrow!
    16) SEASON- definitely summer
    17) HOBBY-playing guitar and singing
    18) THINGS TO COLLECT- friends :)
    19) movie : juno ? little miss sunshine ?
    20) restaurant : sushiiiiiis

    that was fun!

  8. I always wanted an iguana - no joke! And I'm a HUGE fan of those YSL cages, too.

  9. Definitley need a biker jacket, and those ysl cages....my oh my!

  10. fried chicken omg I am dying!!!

    YES for the YSL's omg holy shoe lust x a million.


  11. Who doesn't like fried chicken? Except maybe a veagan. And I am such an old soul when it comes to music! Carribean Queen. lol 'now we are sharing the same dream'

  12. I can understand your love for shoes! I love shoes too :-)

  13. Eden thanks for tagging me!! will do this soon..=) haha I read your old tag haha fried chicken galore! what's your favorite fastfood fried chicken? Me prob Mcdo, KFC and not fried but I love so much Andok's! I love Bob Ong too but I prefer his older books than the ones he released now..=)


  14. yeah, i've been digging those shoes too. check out this link:


    il answer ur tag soon. and yeah, i got ur invites. i have already invited Dawn & Toni.

  15. Oooh, loved your answers.
    p.s. I've now come to realise how we are soul twins. I have ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS wanted a pet iguana. If you can smuggle one to me here in Australia, I will love you forever ;)
    (I actually need to woman up and hand over my 600-odd bucks for one, I LOOOOOVE them. Bless)
    And lol to the fried chicked as desert haha.

    p.s. I will def do the tag, looking forward to it...tomorrow's post :)

    soul twins, yep :D

  16. girl i LOVE FRIED CHICKEN TOO AHHHHH SO MUCH. if i come to Philippines can you bring me somewhere with good fried chicken. hahaha. xoxo

  17. Those YSL shoes are to die for! So many of things make me happy as well.

  18. This is such an awesome tag post, I love it... and like so many others, the incredible heels are killing me, killing me! xxx

  19. Dude
    My feet would suffer air for those Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. Their sick. Extremely sick.

  20. wuh... killer shoesss.... never brave to wear it. =D

  21. Yum fried chicken!! I am sooo excited to see your new haircut!

  22. yay!
    that juicy fried chicken reminds me of jollibee!
    i miss jollibee so much!

    too bad! i can't stand with perfume, i get migraine!

  23. What a fun tag! Gotta love a woman who wants chicken for dessert ;-) By the way, you need to check out some online stores... the YSL cage boots are on sale everywhere I've seen. Adore Kirkwood as well.

  24. Love your answers, you're too cute!

  25. Fried chicken!!! I'm craving them right now! I love men's perfumes, they just have a very seductive scent to them! xxoxoxxo

  26. I so love smirnoff! and Topshop. (Although they are ripping us Americans off, the prices are a little cheaper in England!)

  27. Mmm.. chicken!
    And that iguana picture just made my day.

    That, or my brilliant idea of drawing a prisoner on my ankle if I ever get near those YSL heels.. so he could be in jail =)

  28. did you change your header? it's pretty cuuute!

    haha and i feel you with #16- whenever I'm in the philippines, it's always raining and I have a difficult time trying to figure out what to wear! hahaha

  29. Great tag! I totally hear you on the YSL Cage boots and the Nicholas Kirkwood comment. In fact, both of those would look fantastic on you!

  30. hi... =)
    not all DIY, gurl, but almost. =D
    wanna exchange link?

  31. not all DIY, but almost. =D
    wanna exchange link?

  32. SMIRNOFF ICE!! I LOVE THOSE THINGS! anything smirnoff makes is lovely.. the biker jacket is lovely too :)

  33. Eden I answered your tag already! so fun! =) sorry mejo matagal kasi I was on duty last weekend..=)


  34. Hey Eden! I'm back! Thanks so much for tagging me. I'll be posting my answers soon! And you are totally photogenic. Loved reading your answers in this post. Fried chicken.. mmm.

    xo, Becs


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