Back From a Very LONG Week

9:58 AM

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You can ALSO still join my giveaway here (US Residents only). I'm extending my giveaway for one more week!

So sorry for the hiatus. Thankfully, things are starting to fall back into place for everyone. Let's continue to pray for those who are affected though.

Just updating you on the stuff that went on over the weekend. Last Saturday I got to fraternize with native Deutsch speakers and got to practice on mein Deutsch when I emceed Sprach Institut-Cebu's Oktoberfest und Gedichte Abend (Poetry Reading Night). The German poems were certainly phantastisch (Though trust me, I still have a lot to learn)! That was quickly followed by a fun night with friends just dining and doing a bit of videoke.

Sunday was my good friend Kristine's (of StyleCebu) birthday celebration at her cousin Anton's Shabu-Way restaurant. Prior to the party, I had another emceeing gig, this time a short one at Ayala Center-Cebu. A night spent with friends over some really good shabu-shabu.. All in all, a lot of fun:)

How was your weekend? Vielen dank for the love!
the birthday girl and her guy Joven

the uber delicious offerings at Shabu-Way

Kristine, me and Paula

hosting at Ayala Center-Cebu.. and wearing the DIY thigh-high boot spats

with Gladys, Aoi, Barbie and Faye at MOOON

with some students and administrators of Sprach Institut-Cebu

wearing an old gray shirt turned into a tank, a New Look black tank, sequined blazer and DIY body harness

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  1. Keeping you all in my prayers.

    Looks like you've had a crazy busy - but much enjoyed week/weekend :) You look amazing in your DIY creations!xx

  2. I'm still obsessed with your body harness. You look so fabulous.

    I love shabu-shabu.

  3. LOVE that DIY body harness and your spats. So good. :) Good to see you're back!

  4. I still am in awe over your DIY project. And I just have to say, you and your girlfriends are really lovely ladies!

  5. Spats look so damm good!
    Enter my Giveaway!

  6. You always look gorgeous! I love every single one of your outfits! PS: can't wait til you announce the winner of your giveaway! I hope I win!


  7. wow! i'm happy of the great achievements you have!
    ang taray! di ko kinaya ang power mo on stage.
    wish you took a close up photo of your DIY high boots. getting hungry na.
    i miss pinoy foods!

  8. Wow! It seems like you had a whirl-wind of a weekend. The birthday party looks a lot fun, and the food looks just so scrumptous! It's making me hungry now, hahahaa.

    ANd those DIY high heel boots? Hello can I just say "FABULOUS!"

  9. what gorgeous girls!!

    and that body harness is most fabulous, how did you make it?


  10. Babe I love your DIY projects.. Such a cute blog =)


  11. you're rockin this look! Love the sequined blazer!!

  12. Darling, you look amazing in the DIY thigh highs! I miss ayala so much, I desperately need to go to Cebu for a visit but it looks like its gonna be a busy season.. hopefully Sinulog or something.

    I have a similar body chain and it is looooove.

  13. Oh you are too sweet, Eden.
    Thanks for your lovely german words!;)
    I believe the german grammar is also for lots of germans still a mystery ;)
    Vielen Dank, liebe Eden!;)

    You look gorgeous in your DIY.
    Love the blue background in the very last photo!

    Enjoy your day filled with smiles and happy moments!

  14. The body harness is just gorgeous! I love it! :) And the food from Shabu Way --- must try! Parkmall is just near our school. Will definitely drop by. ;)

  15. Looks like you had a great weekend! (:

  16. It seems like there is never a picture or event posted where you don't look absolutely amazing! I wish I could look so stunning!!

  17. That is quite the DIY. Good to see your spirits up!

  18. you're finally back girl !!! Woooo,looks like you had a busy filled week:)

    But I love love the photos and you went to host an event ? That's really so so cool:)

    I adore your body chain and those heelss ! Gorgeous accessories girl <3

  19. The food looks amazing. Love the cake...

  20. you look so pretty and omg that food looks SO DELICIOUS!! mmmmm.... aww dang I can't join your giveaway cuz i'm canadian -_- but we're neighbors lol. and it's way cool that you got to host an event ;)

  21. Glad you're easing your way back to blogging! We miss you! After last week's storm in Manila that brought sad news, it was really hard but I'm now back to blogging too. The donations for our clothing drive are still pouring in so I'm very happy for that!

    Congrats on your hosting gig! That's such a nice side job (not to mention extra income for shopping!) You should record yourself sometime, we'd love to hear your voice! ;)

    Lots of hugz from the one you endearly call,

  22. That harness is the BOMB. Seriously, talent...


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