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9:55 AM

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Regular blogging programming will resume next week. Please bear with me.

For now I just can't bring myself to blogging about fashion and my usual "day-to-day" life when this heartbreaking tragedy is still very fresh here in my country. We here in Cebu are not directly hit by it, but our hearts do go out to the hundreds who did not see this coming and who definitely did not deserve such ill fate. For now I'm just really focusing my attention on however I can help and whatever I can tangibly give. It won't be much, but here's to hoping that it will go a long way.

A lot of the victims still have no access to necessities like food, clothing, footwear and even potable water. If you are in Cebu and wish to drop off donations in kind, you can check out an extensive list of drop-off centers HERE. Also don't forget to check out Outpost's and Vudu's Live Aid events on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

For my site visitors abroad who also wish to help, you can do so by getting in touch with the Red Cross in your country.

With our small ways we can make a world of difference.

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