Quick Update

2:17 AM

Sorry for only having a single post this week-- been quite busy, but for different reasons entirely. I think I'm on a roll with DIYing- i enjoy it tremendously and if i could just spend ALL my time cooking up brilliance, I definitely would. I'm also using every single spare time available to practice on my sewing. Yep, I've finally taken my old machine out and starting back from scratch. I used to sew like 4 years ago and even then I had the sewing competencies of a toddler:). I think it could be quickly picked up on, but I can't really tell yet as I'm still just testing the waters. That, plus my continuing Deutsch lessons-- i know, i know! so many things all at one time, plus added pressures! Then again, I always believed in doing things one at a time, so I'm just carefully balancing my time with everything. No worries, I wouldn't be pausing my blogging any day now. But do bear with me.

Matter of fact, I'll be posting a real fun (ok, not.. this was kinda hard to do. but you'll like it if you have the patience) DIY tonight. Have yet to upload the pics anyway. till then loves. xxoo

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