The Event that Was: Make Your Own Havaianas 2009

9:24 PM

A few weeks back, top global footwear brand Havaianas successfully took flip-flop fashion to the next level as they invited some of Cebu's Havaianaticos (the apt name for those who have embraced the Havaianas lifestyle) to get first dibs of this year's Make Your Own Havaianas 2009-Media and VIP Night.

The MYOH is a yearly affair that has successfully transcended to become AS popular and as sought-after as the flip-flops themselves. This is the only time of the year where Havaianaticos can
fully customize their pair of Havaianas, from the strap and sole choice, right down to the embellishments of swarovski studs and the nifty little pins. In short, tons of fun with the choosing!

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turn the wheel to choose your colour combination

Big kudos to the local Havaianas family for adapting Filipino pride as the overall theme for this year. I'm super adorin' the transformation of some national icons (vinta, tarsier, sorbetes cart, etc) into cute little strap pins.

Congratulations are definitely in order for 2009's MYOH.. till next year!

(And of course, thank you to the lovely ladies behind the occasion: Big Seed Media tandem Jaja Chiongbian-Rama and April Rama, and A.L. Amizade's Leanne Florendo and Aimil Sarmiento, for never forgetting us bloggers
during Havaianas events.)

with girlfriend Kristine of and her boyf Joven, along w/ Yves and Klint

Next UK gray top, old vest, pleather leggings and SM peeptoes

my complimentary pair... the Tarsier pin is beyond adorable

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  1. Oh I love havaianas, they are sooo comfortable.

    >>> Rebecca Rose

  2. I really like that outfit pic of you. You look amazing!!

  3. Loving your outfit with those leggings and heels ! Matched everything perfectly. And you looking stunning girl as always :)

    Ohhhh man,I love love Havaianas. Mine(of 3 years) just broke last week and I got to go get another pair:)

    Anyway,this idea is soo sooo cool ! Being able to custom make your flip flops :) Sad,its not done here from where I'm from

  4. hahah Make your own Havaianas, that sounds good!

  5. Cute purple color, my fave! Want that Tarsier pin,too!

    Your hair's definitely grown a lot longer and you're wearing bangs. Lavet! Nice lagi your gray top, you look so chic in it with the black vest. ;)



  6. Great photos. Making your own Havaianas looks awesome. Hope you have a wonderful day. Cheers!

  7. Sure looks like a fun event, and u look great!

  8. i've been looking for leggings like that for AGESS. but they all make my legs look so phat XD
    to answer your question, i use a canon g10 :) the photos are so bright in color, because i try my best to take pictures outdoors :)

  9. WOW!! that sounds like an amazingly fun event! hmmmm sorta wished we had something like that here in Canada!

  10. you look amazing... i love the leather leggings on you. don't you get hot though?? havaianas are my absolute FAVOURITE flip flop... i want them all!! xxx

  11. If I could make my own Havaianas, it'll be in sorbetes cheese yellow with a purple ube strap! =)

    I can't believe I missed your DIY posts before this, I signed up to bloglovin' you! (Hmm, sounds like a song, doesn't it?! ;-)

    Anyways, those are fab DIYs, you should be proud of your DIY skills!

  12. You look gorgeous, lovin the hair! I was supposed to be in Cebu for this.. I have never been to an event despite the many invitations. So jealous!

  13. That sounds like a blast! I loooooove my Havs!

  14. Oh goodness, this looks like so much fun! I need another pair to add to my collection*

  15. i..i..i think i might get used to wearing flip flops since in uni it is too insane to run aorund from building to building in five inch chanel...

    eden shoot me for saying that!

    bisous darling havent been here for omfgg suchalonggtime.

  16. I love all the pretty colours, too bad its getting too cold for these now!

  17. Mmmh Actually at a first glance "Havainas'Sexyness-issime potential" can let us sceptical BUT this flashy/playful bunch of colors combined with its "CopaCabana-esque" power of evocation sounds as such a seductive cocktail, placed under the (exciting)sign of "Beach GLAM" !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  18. Hi Eden,

    I love your complimentary havaianas! :)
    I collect havaianas flip flops and I envy your pair! LOL! :P
    I love your outfit too! You look amazing!
    visit my blog I am changing my blog soon!

    Love Che :) xxxx

  19. Two days and no update? COme on, u can do better than that :D

  20. Hi Eden! Wow...looks so much fun...wishing I were there! Love your outfit, by the way...your rock those pants! And so happy to see Pinoy style scenes!

  21. how cool is that! I would love to make my own pair! I need some...even though it's a little too late for me to wear them now weather wise they would definitely be handy come next summer!

  22. That's awesome and I love your outfit!

  23. Honey, your life seems to be fantastic! I'm still in college but look forward to doing a fashion based degree (my career goal is to achieve a successful career in buying/merchandising -maybe some journalism as well...).

    May I ask, if you've done a degree, which course did you do???

  24. Awesome! i've always wanted to get my own pair. Love your vest!

  25. wow dirty ice cream!:) yummy... oh God, now i want one too...:D

  26. Very nice complimentary Havaianas!! I love that pinstriped vest and those peeptoe shoes!! =)

  27. I love havaianas. Leanne Florendo is my cousin.


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