DIY DAY: Maison Michel-Inspired Mouse Ears

12:38 PM

Thanks for all hanging on in there! I did promise a DIY for you all loves, so I'm just quickly doing this before heading to the sack. I really am quite pooped but this was pretty exciting. Hope you enjoy it as well as i did xxoo

I absolutely fell in love with Maison Michel and their fanciful pieces the moment i stumbled upon their fall catalogue. Shot by none other than Karl Lagerfeld himself, the milliner's pieces were just lighthearted and well... for the most part, cute. I'm pretty sure almost all of us saw MK&A rocking out the bunny and mouse headbands during the Opening Ceremony event in Japan. So what did you think about that? Yay or nay?

While most of us would definitely think this trend over (esp me, lol), I noted that this would be a fun and VERY easy DIY to try.

What you'll need:

tie wire, black headband, tulle, needle and thread, black garter (or lace, or any cloth strip you prefer)


Finished product:

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I had a lot of fun doing it.:) So if you want to dip your feet in some animal ear magic without footing $400, then go for it. Have fun!

BTW, again.. biggest love going to my 90+followers.

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  1. TOO CUTE. Not to mention you saved $400. :D

  2. ang galing mo nman, sweetie!
    now, you're all set for a!

  3. Mmmmh I think that these Mouse Ears are a pretty way to reveal THE fashionista's mischievious side, AND these dark tones subtly confer a Sexy/GLAMorous "cabaret-like" aura on them . . .
    ps: Karl Lagerfeld's black § white pictures for Maison Michel are truly Stunning .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  4. Clever, clever and simply CLEVER!!
    Love your creativity, gurl!

    About your previous post, I too wanted to take up sewing but I'm still trying to think where to put it in our tiny little dwelling!

  5. You look exactly like Minnie mouse, absolutley jadore!

  6. Good DIY! I love your bunny ears!

  7. Such a cute DIY, Eden! Can't wait to see what else you come up with :)
    And congrats on the 90+ followers!

  8. i love animal ears this is such a cool idea! perfect DIY for my lack of sewing skills!


  9. Yeahhh for yet another DIY !!

    Loving those ears and I could totally use it for upcoming Halloween <3

    Looking stunning as always girl :)

  10. Yep, my gorgeous girl, you officially rock. And I hear you about not getting into this. But love your DIY version because its good to have to be silly once or twice and yet not cost you the earth.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope all is going well for you and you aren't too crazy busy. Take care, gorgeous. Have a fab weekend :D


  11. this is really nice! gawa din ako ng akin! haha. thanks!

    love, kisses and such! XD

  12. Gorgeous and fantastic! I've bookmark'd this and can't wait to try it out :) thanks for the how-to.

  13. so cool! love your blog and all your DIY's!!

  14. wow the ears look fab! What a great d.i.y idea! It's great to get creative, you enjoy wearing it more! Great stuff.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Love those mouse ears! They're so cute!


  16. Great D.I.Y. post. Hope you've had a nice weekend. Cheers!

  17. Great DIY, I have a similar pair I made a few months back, out of vinyl. I prefer cat ears though.

  18. Those are so cute!!! I love this DIY, Eden!! =)

  19. very crafty Eden! Btw, just saw that u're from Cebu, so cool to meet other Filipino bloggers!:)

    Thanks btw for leaving a sweet comment at Bonbon Rose regarding the shop:)

  20. I did a DIY of this too but with bunny ears and lace! Its super fun to do.. How are the deutsch lessons going? Warum lernst du eigentlich deutsch, ist dein freund deutsch oder? Wenn du die sprache richtig ueben willst dann komm einfach nach Boracay, unsere kiteschule gehoert einem deutschen, wir haben sogar deutsches videoke!

  21. This is cool! Mini mouse chic yet cheap. Cute! ;)

  22. Edeeeeen!! Super cute..=) not bad for your 1st DIY.. How are you?? Don't you wish we're all in NY Fashion Week? that would be great no?

    ps. blogger is kinda acting up this is my 2nd attempt at commenting..ugghh

  23. wowowowow i love this
    okay i'm so going to try this!!!

  24. Love this !! Here is another - not so beautiful, but simpler - version:

    enjoy !!


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