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Guys, sorry for having been MIA these past few days (yet again). After months and months of conception and planning, we are finally shooting my boyf's thesis film--the final film to complete his one-year Film Making course at the IAFT (International Academy of Film and Television) in Mactan, Cebu. As of writing this we are close to wrapping up, and I am nervous as well as excited-- definitely proud of the work we've done so far, as well as grateful to our small family of actors and crew who tirelessly supported us way beyond their job description.

While I've spent years doing occasionally, I opted to stay behind the scene's for my boyf's project (we think it'll be too complicated) and signed on as the project's producer. Gruelling! Intense! Talk about laboring out of love. I guess I'll only be doing this again if Thaad does another project, but aside from that, never again. Everyone else made my job fulfilling and easier, though.

Still got more BTS pictures to share, and I'll be sharing a bit more about the project in the upcoming posts. Much love xx

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  1. i had no idea there was a film school in Cebu. nice.

  2. Good luck with filming! and wow! old school cp!

  3. Wow! Producing a film IS hardwork!:D Congrats in advance to your guy...and TO YOU!!! :) From the pictures of the bts, I'm sure it's awesome output! :)

  4. aww missing you Eden...and I know how you are working so hard with the project...

    good luck love!!!



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