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wearing bf's shirt from Decree, bowler hat from Topman, Figliarina wedges, assorted accessories, round shades from GCM

Cheap thrills are cathartic and stress-alleviating. We all have one, but mine in particular happens to be thrift-shopping or the ukay. Nothing gets better than a totally chic find at a price that spares your wallet from breaking down and crying. Unfortunately I've been doing a lot more things than I can actually chew, so I haven't been able to get down and dirty with my favorite stressbuster for quite sometime.

So imagine just how happy I was when I finally had the time to respond to the thrift-hunting invite from good friends and fellow Cebu fashion bloggers Gizelle and Phil to super hit the haunts downtown. Several hours and several juicy stories later, we somehow snagged some of the best finds we've seen in awhile. I got a hold of this leather jacket (which I plan to nuke), and Yapi also scored this lovely vintage dress which desperately wanted me to jump over the fence and go girly. Sweet find!

Phil also took me to a downtown nook where I found these incredibad rings that matched my Burberry nail art. Yay! I'm looking forward to our next trip together. Wonder if I can finally dig up a nice shearling jacket or a camel wrap?

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  1. waaa you guys went thrifting together?! suyyaa koo... haha fab finds! :)

  2. wow! i always wanted to go thrift shopping, but never really got the time and person to go with :( this is awesome! I love your top!

  3. cute nail art design!♥
    you guys just made me want to skip work and spend the whole day in an ukay shop!:D

  4. there should be a mapping out project of great ukay stores in the metro! i want in!!

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  5. will be going to cebu very soon...adn i want to do some ukay-ukay shopping as well..any tips on where and what places i can visit? thanks!!!

  6. i go to ukay stores too, lots of unusual pretty stuffs there plus its cheap! haha

  7. Wow that ukay place in Cebu looked rich in treasures!!! Love your finds :) It looked like you guys had so much fun! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. great finds indeed! its always great to meet fellow bloggers!

  9. OMG! i loooove the leather jacket!!! i need that here in canada!!! i miss ukay ukay in the PI. the ones here are lame :(

  10. awww suya lagi ko! haha fabulous kau your finds. love it! xx

  11. aww love love this post jud...I am so jealous...hopefully we can meet up na!!!! soon-ish??


  12. Wait, wait, what place is this? If it's top secret, please email me the location. PLEASE. :)

  13. OMG eden I love the leather jacket you found. lucky you! damn. hehe. and you and gizelle thrifting together? looks fun! I'll be there on dec. 25-29. Let's all fo thrifting together!:)


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