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I never really had intentions of dressing up in this year's Halloween festivities, let alone Halloween in any year, at that. Call me weird and boring, but somehow I usually just chose to stay at home and indoors while the rest of the city gets hammered away in one of the year's craziest weekends. Things did always come up  in the years past, so I never got to celebrate the weekend the way everyone else does.

But this year, my PR duties for The Taproom in Banilad  had to have me step out, so I had no choice but to gamely troop over to my friend Joy's apartment for a Halloween Preparation Bash with all our other friends.  Yes,  a small bash to just prepare to go out that night. My friends will never miss an opportunity to go dress up, so they consider Halloween THE fashion smorgasbord. Seriously, they didn't just dress up, they dressed UP.

Yves transformed into a self-described "couture mummy", Jon was a snow pimp (lol), Joy became a goddess, Aoi became the runway Cleopatra and Kimo scared the f**k out of everyone by dressing up as an elemental (only you can pull something like that, K). Yours truly had to pull out all the stops at the last minute to DIY the easiest his and hers costume: The Flintstones. Simple, I know, but it's funny and cute... and I'm pretty sure the boyf is the cutest Fred around the block.

I'm wondering how you guys spent YOUR Halloween? xx

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  1. your friend in the kimono takes the prize for me, its the right kind of freaky for halloween. lol :))


  2. Awesome pictures! loved them all. Was the opposite for me, I planned on dressing up but I didn't end up doing so.

  3. Now that's Flintstones! Haha. When we had our costume party, I dressed as Pocahontas (sort of) then an officemate asked 'What are you, Flintstones?' Like hello, pagsure nato tih. Hahaha. By the way, bet ko yung elemental! :D

  4. you and your bf are the cutest fred and wilma ever! i adore your necklace eden!

    now lang ko karealize na i have not followed you pa diay after a long time na cge ko comment imo blog. lol

    followed you na. :)

  5. I spent it cutting doll patterns while watching non-stop horror movie with my siblings :D cute costumes! :D

  6. AMAZING blog! Im totally loving your style! Great costumes by the way! I wish we celebtrated Holloween in Belgium :( It always looks so much fun to dress up and act stupid:) You dressed up great !
    And also,I want to thank you for your comment:)
    I am SO going to follow you! You're great:)

    Hope to see back on my blog very soon! hopefuly as a follwer:)

    lots of love

  7. for some strange reason blogger wont let me follow anyone anymore for the moment.. So I'll step by tomorrow:)


  8. I like the second picture a lot!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog dear :)!

    Have a great one!


  9. i hope you won some sort of award for that night coz the flintstones costumes is a big hit to me! btw u look fab in a pixie cut! yves was a totally different person.. looks so much fun! i was in the province during the long weekend for some family stuff. this is why i miss working sometimes its the parties that makes every year unforgettable!

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  10. i love the costumes Eden...especially with the Flintstones inspired costume...and Joy is so pretty hahaha...


  11. Awesomesauce people! Love your outfit Eden! :)


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