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Have you met the world's cutest, smartest and nicest jet black Labrador pup? No? It's probably because you haven't met our new pup and the newest love of my life, Mozart. But let me go ahead and let me make an introduction with these pictures.

I've never really been an "animal" or "pet" person, but I'll spend sleepless nights tossing a ball around, smell like canine, spend all the moolah I can, and pick up all of Mozart's stinky "symphony" all over the floor, just because I am absolutely smitten with my dog. Mozart is love, and he makes my heart melt with those eyes. The fact that I also share him with my significant other also means a lot-- kind of like a barometer of how we can take care of things our future brings us. I may not buy as much shoes and stuff as I used to cuz' of my dog, but hey, that's love. My boys currently make me unbelievably happy!

And speaking of events that gives us the smiles, a triple YAY going out to Dennis Paolo Mendoza, the young head honcho of 93.1 Club Radio-Cebu, for his newest venture--the 93rd and 1st Radio Bar Lounge in The Terraces! And with that, he throws yet again another surefire chartopping party featuring Danny Boyd of The Bassmonkeys. Awesomest, something to check out to all those in Cebu! Hope to see you all there :)

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  1. My boyfriend wants to buy a dog but I'm like "OMG noooo! OR if you really want to have pet, it's gonna be YOUR pet!" Haha mean.

    Hey Eden, thanks for dropping by my small little corner diay. I actually read your blog every now and then pero di lang kita ni-Google FriendConnect aka 'Follow'. But now I do! :)

  2. mozart absolutely looks adorable! he looks so cute with the boyf :) i had a black lab before, her name was nami and she is just a bundle of love :)

  3. wow mozart is too cute for words! and i like his name.hehe

  4. Mozart is so adorable!! Awww!! :)

    <3 Kelly

  5. cute black labrador my dearest Eden...

    Kisses to you sorry for not visiting so busy lately!!!



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