Work in Progress, "TBL" Canned

9:29 PM

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* I'll be on track with replying to your comments very shortly. My hands are currently tied up with planning the uber-late "birthday" party that i'm throwing with my friend Gladys Lee (she was born on the 18th) tonight. just us, friends (and their friends, uh oh), and some drinks.. haha! sorry guys. no worries, i'm not advocating alcoholism or anything. and i swear, i'll be a total teetotaler (try saying that over and over lol) right after this. :)

* Here's a sneak peek of a top that i'm DIYing for her tonight. yep it looks like a hot mess now, but i think it should be wearable (in the very least) by tonight. Girlfriend's gotta look smokin'!

*And in some sad TV news, The Beautiful Life just got cancelled. Weird, cuz i totally dreamt it this morning. Ugh, guess I spoke too soon.

Have a fierce weekend, all!

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  1. This looks like another exciting DIY. Can't wait for you to show us the final piece! ;)

  2. Hi from Manila! I stumbled upon your blog. And I love it. I'm really looking for local blogs of really fashionable people here in our country. I'm still going through your past posts and I'm enjoying them.

  3. PS - I just read your comment on my blog and your calling me "Gracey" really makes me giggle and ticklish each time! I love my new name! ;)

  4. I hope you post pictures of how this came out! <3 I would love to see! :P
    Have fun! <3

  5. I am actually happy TBL got canceled... rudest production crew I ever worked with my whole life!

  6. Pleats! You do have patience to do that! Now wondering.....a blouse?

  7. i think the top looks great already! is it one-shouldered? i can't tell...

  8. It's looking really good so far! Keep up the good work. I wish I was that talented!


  9. I can smell a beautiful DIY in the making. It must be really beautiful :) Can't wait to see the photos of the final product <3


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