The Big 23

11:25 AM

I am turning 23 in 5 days and I am inexplicably agitated.

Another year is getting ripped off my body clock, and I feel a crazy milieu of emotions--I guess it's the way it is for everyone, right? Remorse for all the wrong decisions, jubilation for all the things done right, anger for everything that turned real sh**ty, and a big fat question mark for everything else-yep, sounds like birthday nerves to me.:)

I still don't know where things are going. There are too many uncertainties, but in the very least I am still here, alive and kicking, and that should be something worth being REALLY thankful for.

In the spirit of all things celebratory, here are 23 things I would want (material and not)for this year.

23- a bucket of fried chicken. yeah, you know that's never absent!
22- a new phone. my p990i is slowly dying from torture (unfortunately i am not one to be trusted with gadgets in terms of care)
21- a good book cuz i should catch up with my reading. preferably something from Cormac McCarthy
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cannot wait to see the movie either...

20- anything sequined. leggings or a blazer in jet black. need the razzle dazzle without looking too disco..
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
this sequined blazer on Lauren Santo Domingo will seriously haunt my dreams tonight...

19- Zana's body harnesses... or a way to make my own version of something to this effect.. i'm literally frying in jealousy:(
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
want. need. drool. crave

18- a professional make up kit

17- need a body form. badly. today.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

16- yes, because i really want to polish my sewing somehow. i still really want to make unique one-offs for myself and friends/family. do i plan to sell eventually? nope. maybe. depends.
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wouldn't you wish you had a compact Hello Kitty sewing machine too?!

15- more DIYs! I do have a ton planned, so just hang on in there!:)

14- a netbook. as i am a proud commuter, i need something a little bit more discreet. any suggestions? i'm partial to the HP Mini though...
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HP Mini.. you'll be mine this month or the next..

13- my own pair of Nicholas Kirkwoods. there is no other designer shoe brand i covet more than his. yep, this is where the "dream" portion of my wish list kicks off...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Nicholas Kirkwood is the sh*t

12- though on second thought, i also extremely desire to have my own cage heels. need to find a good and definitely more affordable "version" of these babies...

11- i need a VACATION desperately. it doesn't have to be anywhere fancy, really. just plop me in a beach somewhere and i'm all set:)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
to wake up to this in the morning is just divine

10- i need to give back. i'm not wealthy or anything, but its just good to help in any which way possible with whatever means we have. i'm thinking WorldVision.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

9- a dress! i'm not soo much of a dress person, and i know someone's bound to give me one this year, so MOM, if you're reading this, something along this line would be fine by me:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The Alexander Wang dress that wouldn't die and Kimberly Ovitz's fall 2009... nothing else would do. lol
8- the ability to give up fatty food. i know it shortens my lifespan eatng all that fried chicken and meat, so this should most def be in my resolution this year. sadly. (but let me have my bucket just for my birthday pretty please)
7- more friends to speak Deutsch with, for practice! (btw, many props to Dane and Haute Shopper for their help!)
6- the perfect deconstructed tee. we know how important THIS is..
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Elizabeth and James... the intentional hole is genius

5- better health of course. giving up on unnecessary weekend binge drinking, inhaling secondhand smoke, the works (but again, let me have this just for my party. please!:P)
4- deeper friendships with REAL friends (not those who screw you over the first opportunity they have)
3- a deeper bond with my family. awwwww. because of my usually hectic schedule i have somehow pushed this back, but im quickly making up for it. at least trying to

2- to get settled in? lol no. not this year i guess. just thankful that everything with the boyf is stable for now:)

1- inner peace, a better sense of self, and a deeper spiritual existence. we ALL want this. its always just a matter of how and when.

So there! I still don't know how different this year would be, but i'm just grateful about a lot of things. No use dwelling over what sucks, right?

And yes, exciting news! Because i do want to "give back" for my big 23, Chic in the Tropics is tying up with for a major giveaway! Will announce the details and contest rules on the 20th (actual birthday) so please keep posted. Thanks and much love!

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  1. happy birthday for the 20th :) i want fried chicken toooooooo xoxo

  2. My boyfriend has the HP Mini and its amazing. Its too small for me, I have the HP Pavilion dv6000 which I loooove, but the Mini is perfect for the Boyf's scrabble on FB and email checking.

    Come visit me, if you need a vacation. If I may suggest, halloween is amazing here.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (In advance)

  3. Hi my first visit, great blog thanks for your comments, what a cool life you lead.Big birthday congrats!I got my form as a second from ex stock online much cheaper! I help style womens image and clothing, so I use one to Style the latest looks on!Pop in again some time! Sharon xx

  4. Advanced happy birthday Eden!!=P try suesh make-up brush sets sold locally I bought one it's affordable pero the bristles are super super soft.. where can we buy body form kaya her in Manila? I want also para my playing dress up would be complete..=P excited for your give-away!=)

  5. oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd... cant wait for this contest! xxx happy beerday lover!

  6. first, happy early bday..

    and i love those studded bangles

  7. I hope you get a lot of the items from your list.

    Happy birthday, dear!

  8. i am totally in for the number one on your list as well as the Nicholas Kirkwoods - :D who wouldn't ??? very lovely post, xoxo

  9. Nice to know these things!
    Well, I wish you very happy birthday now, I'm not sure I'll be able to do it on the real day. I hope you get that Kirkwood pair really soon! My bday is on the 18th, we're almost twin souls :D

  10. Happy birthday, Eden! Reading your 23 b-day wishes made me I'm wishing your wishes do come true, especially wish # 1 coz having that would be bliss indeed!

  11. Happy birthday in advance girl !!

    Really enjoyed reading this post and make me think about myself. I'm turning 20 in May next year and it kind of scares me.

    The big no. 2 in front of your age. I don't know,feels funny to me.

    Anyway,I need to do and plan more DIYs too ! Get my sewing machine fixed.

    And a deconstructured tee tooooo

  12. awww... advanced happy birthday! XD and i like all the fasheen things in ur list. haha.

    btw, there's a sequined leggings at topshop. u should totally get that! XD

    love, kisses and such! XD

  13. Hello, E!

    23 is still too young to get worried about the future and get inexplicably agitated.;) Trust me, I've been there.It will pass. Past boboos? Laugh at it, learn something from it and forget it.Go on living life with your chin held high.

    Advance happy birthday and I hope you'll get all(okay, maybe most)of what you're wishing for. Have a grand time on your birthday and don't forget to eat your cake! :)


  14. Awww darlin! You're such a young'un :) I know that you're feeling a little angst, but your 23rd year of life is going to be so amazing. I can feel it!

    I love your wishlist... Kirkwood really is da bomb. :)

  15. great post!!! and a happy bday in advance!..
    and btw my luky number is 23 ahah.. im planning on tattooing it somewhere on my body!


  16. Oh my gosh I need that HK sewing machine! Hope you have a wonderful birthday. I turn 23 in November and I just cannot believe a year has almost passed already since my last birthday!

  17. Dude, 23 was my favorite year in my twenties! Don't worry. You're gonna have a blast. And I'm so with you on the sequins!

  18. Happy early birthday gorgeous! Another year might pass by you but your still absolutely FABULOUS! stay that way xoxo

  19. In case I don't get to greet you on the day itself, sending my warm bday wishes now!!

    Wow, you're only 23?! You have your whole life ahead of you!

    PS - I really like the name "Gracey" you dubbed me!! I think I'll use it from now on.

    Gracey ;)

  20. I'm 23 in less than a month and trust me I'll be indulging in some fried chicken myself! Thanks for the link suggestion, I've linked you! Oh and I finished 'The Road', I won't spoil it but it's SOOOO good and rather sad. I was in an airport at the time and had to stifle a faint whimper waiting in departures...

  21. it's a little scary taht Zana's body harnesses, but if you like it you could buy it for a self present ^.^
    kisses and happy birthday!

  22. happy early birthday! love the list :)

  23. those Nicholas Kirkwood heels are the sh*t. They have been in my dreams ever since I laid eyes on them....hoping against hope I'll be able to get my hands on them sometime in the near future....unlikely but hey a girl can dream right?


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