The Big Switch to #TeamApple !

4:14 PM

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I have personally evaded the iPhone bandwagon for the longest time. I mean, if you're like a lot of my friends who refuse to settle for nothing but the newest iPhone release, good for you! Not that there's ever anything wrong with that, I just couldn't roll that way because 1) I was fiercely loyal to Android; and 2) I also really love my HTC One M8, which I acquired last year and is still in perfectly good condition; and 3) I don't have that kind of money to burn, lol. A lot of people think that the iPhone culture has turned into a full-blown cult, and I'm not going to disagree, haha. Not gonna lie, though - the newest release, the iphone 6S Plus, really caught my attention-- and with the increasing demands of work + life, I knew I just had to make the leap. Many thanks to the husband for my newest business tool!

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