Plaid Fun and Kaishi Run

5:44 PM

Though last year was first time to ever experience fall, it is absolutely and without a doubt my favorite season. Though I wouldn't trade the memories of old summer days by the beach or island hopping back in the Philippines, I am quickly making new memories filled with apple pickings, walking down country roads lined with trees bearing sunset-colored leaves, and layering. A LOT of layering. As someone still bearing my postpartum paunch, I am extra grateful for fall because of this. Ha.

This year, we're a tad bit luckier as fall isn't as harsh as it was last year - I still had the chance to wear my favorite summer piece, the white shirtdress, as a transitional piece for fall alongside my favorite Kaishi Run kicks for a quick errand downtown.

Rebecca Minkoff MAC crossbody in red
Plaid biker jacket with leather sleeves - Bongo
white shirt dress - Madewell
Kaishi run sneakers - Nike

How's your fall coming along? xoxo

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