Pre-birthday Stroll at The Eastern Market

7:00 PM

Mootown Creamery. Serving up so much yes!

 my handsome date/husband always giving me life :)

 can someone tell me where I can buy this chair? seriously, though. 

 my mother-in-law standing outside Mootown. this block is just totes amazing.

 Detroit Bold serves damn good coffee!

 my son and his grandfather taking a break from all the walking :)

 hey, girl! I wanted to let you know that I loved your outfit! :)

 I want ooone! Early Christmas present, anyone? :)

the start of something very, very beautiful.

Ah, Detroit's Eastern Market. What better way to kickstart my birthday weekend than for a quick trip to the beloved spot with the fambam? Fresh blooms and pastries, the chance to see the Murals in the Market artworks before their completion, a cornucopia of AMAZING homemade products from Detroit and the Mitten State... Detroit's comeback as a city is just absolutely undeniable, and I believe it's the entrepreneurs who are making this happen. As someone who's only been here a year, I fall more and more in love with the city every day!

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