Awe-Inspiring Spaces: The Belt at The Z | Detroit

8:00 PM

Hello, loves! Hope your October grind is going great - I just got back from a much needed, long overdue vacation with my husband and son to Chicago. BEAUTIFUL. That pretty much sums up my description of Chicago. To be perfectly honest, I have not done an out-of-state trip ever since I arrived here in the United States! Heck, I've been to Canada more often than I've been out of Michigan! Now that Dallas is a bit older, hopefully things look up on the traveling front and that we get to drive around way more!

Speaking of beautiful and awe-inspiring spaces, today's installment features one of my most favorite places, nay, alley, in Detroit, the Belt. Let the photos after the jump explain why I love this place so much: 

I'm sure it's already pretty obvious by now, right? From the outside it seems inconspicuous, but upon entry, the alley just comes to life with the most vibrant murals from world-renowned and local artists. Curated by the Library Street Collective, the alley will feature an artist every six months for their "Public Matters" exhibit (I was very lucky to catch the Shepard Fairey one!) , and will host restaurants, events, and other awesome things in the D. Excited for more! We had the chance to shoot a video right here, which I will be sharing with you guys in the coming days!

So sorry for not being able to update you guys for the entire week - I tried my hardest to unplug from work and everything - but I do have a lot of updates for sure!

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