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As you may have noticed, I've changed my blog banner logo yet again, probably the 4th (or it may be 5th) time I did so in the six long years I've maintained my blog. My banner has had many iterations in the past, evolving along with my style, and me as a person on the whole. After all these years,  I'm finally leading my blog closer to how I've always personally wanted it to be. It's easy to get strayed and lose some clarity when you're pressured by certain aspects (keeping up, staying competent, keeping your sponsors happy, etc), but since I basically moved away from the chaos of my old blogging lifestyle and into a new, more solitary environment, I thought it was high time to strip this blog down back to basics and write about things with a fresh set of eyes.

You may have noticed I also indicated the primary breakdown of how things will be here, primarily, these three subtopics:


Combining the best of both worlds, and also because I feel like I can't really classify myself as exclusively a personal style blog nor am I a lifestyle/girl about town these days. Let's just say it's little doses of inspiration as I see and experience it, and it could go anywhere from my personal outfits here and there, new tastes and flavors I experience here in Michigan, choice collaborations, and many more.


Needs no explanation! I've always wanted my blog to function as a portfolio of sorts for my ongoing work and other projects, so you'll definitely be seeing a lot more of my own micro mini film projects, fashion films and other inspirations in the coming days.


No, I do not have the time and the luxury to be living the kind of wanderlust life that you kind of see everywhere on social media these days (good for you if you're living that, though!), but since I am new to Michigan and to the United States, basically every new place I go to IS a travel experience in the sense of the word. Ha. Someday I'll do that chic European trip those awesome bloggers are doing (or I could go back to sleep and dream. ha), but for now, expect to see a lot of Michigan and United States eye candy + travel tips. Oh, and Canada! I can't forget Canada. :)

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