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Yeah, Christopher Bailey can do no wrong (that SS10 lilac trench is beyond adorable). Emma Watson can do absolutely no wrong either. Its not their infraction whatsoever. And yes, this ad campaign is all levels stunning. But why would anyone think we wouldn't notice the WTFery of THIS?! Better yet, why would anyone approve this and let it go to press?! Sorry. this just made last night for me.

**Thank you PhotoShop Disasters

and P.S. changed the banner for 2010. not black, but very much suits my personality. Thanks Yves

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  1. gorgeous set of siblings in that burberry ad.

  2. where is the disaster? looks perfect.. but im no expert.. they both look good

  3. its super obvious but i just laughed it off because im too in love with Emma Watson (and now, his brother too).

    have you seen the other pics for this campaign? OMG. I fell in love even more.

    DOMINIC? thats a different way of calling him. we're so used to our RD

    I still love your black banner
    poll survey?

  4. oh my bad.. its the leg eheh. tnx eden.. im never keen on details.

  5. So delighted to see your blogging again, in the post below there are some gorgeous outfits.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxx

  6. both of them look really REALLY beautiful! i love his hair and i love her trench and bag! :)

    i still love your old banner Eden! :) hehe

  7. stunning campaign!!
    gorgeous does run in the Watson clan :)

  8. huh, that's why i hate to edit my photos
    baka kc magkamali pa. i'm contented na sa pag change ng
    effect ng photo.

    uy, love the new banner sweetie!

  9. I think it's just from the angle, check this out, it'll clear things out (hopefully):




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