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A few days back, I went to this incredibly fun birthday party. It's one of those times where you barely know anyone (except the one having the birthday), but end up kind of just hanging with everyone. Unlimited shots, cool kids-definitely a great time. But you know, contrary to what some (or most, lol) would believe, I don't exactly live to party. There's nothing I would love more than just sewing away at home while watching TV, or dinner with my gals, or talking to the boyf-but as they say, things happen. But i think i'll stay home more often in the upcoming days or even months. We'll see.:)
P.S. I'll be uploading my link lists today so please let me know if you'd want to exchange, I'm down for it!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Wearing an old sheer overlay as tank, Joyce Leslie sequin leggings, and Janilyn shoes

These sequined leggings are LOVE. My gal Faye had to get them in the US, since there's none for sale here, so thanks heavens.:)Also, I particularly adored Aoi's gingham check-and-floral vintage shirtdress. and yes, girl loves her baubles.:)

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm not a rings person AT ALL (i've lost a few of my mom's favorite fine pieces, stupid me), so I just really admire how effortlessly she pulls them together.
Some party shots:

(Top-bottom: with my good pal Joren, unlimited shots, Kaye the birthday gal with her friends)

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  1. Hello Eden, thanks for your kind thoughts on my blog, I am glad you like it...
    Yes, I'd love to exchange links with you, I am going to link you now, please link me back.
    Thanks for suggesting, and I love your blog, your pics are very nice and I love your style!

    Hope your day will be perfect!

  2. I love the first outfit!! Very Sexy!!


  3. love! i've been meaning to get those leggings from topshop. i always try them on when i visit. haaayyy... i'll just wait till the next sale... hopefully before summer. hahaha.

  4. haha. bobo. di ko binasa. kala ko topshop ung tights. LOL

  5. Hi Eden!

    Would I love to go shopping with you sometime! I soooo love your outfit. It's totally chic and party appropriate! I didn't know that Janilyn had great heels. I shall go there the very next time I step into the mall courtesy of your divine inspiration.

    PS I was able to get my sequinned leggings here at Topshop.

  6. Oooh you look GORGEOUS my dear in sequin leggings! I love the black sequin look-- it's a subtle shimmer versus in your face. Also: i love your friend's accessories. Gorgeous. xx

  7. i want your leggings, Eden! haha! unlimited shots? wow.. kalami. haha!

    your friend's dress (her name's Aoi, right?) is really cute too!

  8. you look absolutely stunning Eden. you totally rock the leggings! fierce and sexy!


  9. Nice jewelry, and I like the sheer black top!

  10. your leggings is spectacular. i love it and your style is so chic. so so jealous on your leggings :)

    sassy rica ^_^

  11. bitaw.kalami anang unlimited shots ui!
    you look so gorgeous!ang bongga ng outfit!winner! :)

  12. I want those sequined tights!
    YOu girls look great :)

  13. Hey pretty!!!
    thank you so much for coment in mi blog, you are so lovely!!!!!
    aand, your outfits are very, very cool!!!!
    I like your style, and you are disc jockey!!!! more points!!!

  14. gorgeous accessories! I just linked ya. Thanks a lot!!!! <3

  15. hala, i saw na where to buy liquid leggings..
    i think i'll start there..then move my way to sequins -- i think!haha. i have a more laid-back, boho style -- as u know. *wink*

    and i love aoi's outfit..that's more like me.:D


  16. love the sequin leggings! looks like such a fun time! i love finding other filipina bloggers :)

  17. love ur sequined leggings!:D thanks again for dropping by my blog and for ur sweet comment:) sure, i'd love to exchange links:)


  18. hi! thanks for visiting my blog, :)

    OMG. i love this outfit. i love wearing all black. the contrast of texture is amazing: mesh, sequence and leather!

    have a lovely weekend!
    <3 christine

  19. nice contrast of fabrics! sequence+ mesh+ leather! i loveeee love love all black! :D

  20. Hi there, Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for introducing me to yours. I luv the way u styled ur sequin leggings! Very chic! xx

  21. Oh i really love your outfit!Especially those sequin pants and the ring in second look is lovely!

    Would you like to exchange links with me?

    Have a fab day!


  22. wow nice outfit. I've been following ur blog ever since but I really don't know why I can't comment. hope this time it works.

    great post!

    Take Care


  23. You look fabulous and I want your leggings. LOL.

    Also, I love your friend's outfit too, especially her rings. They look like they were just thrown together but they all look great. :)

  24. Hi Eden, I have now linked your blog to my link list, please link me back.

    Hope your week has been going well!


  25. Just to let you know I am a sequin addict. There is no better way to style oneself for a party than with the assistance of sequins! :)

  26. kumusta ka aking mahal?!
    hehehe...kumanta nalng ako.
    i've missed you so much, sweetie pie!
    wowwww! you look so hawt, lady!

  27. Hi,

    Thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

    Love your outfit!

    See you soon

  28. Look at all the shots!! Love it! and you ladies look super beautiful <3 I agree that Kesha's Tic Toc is pretty good to listen to especially when you're intoxicated hehe

  29. loving your new banner. Anyway E, wow u look sexy as ever huh!!!


  30. You look gorgeous <3 <3 I'm totally in love with the mesh :) xo

  31. Loving the sequins...and sure, we'll trade links with you! : )

  32. oh gawd i hate u now :( im envious with your pants... i'll steal it hahaha xxxx

  33. i love sequins.....

    these are all over topshop in all different colours.

    i like the sheer top... I'd pair it with some leather trousers.


  34. sequin leggings. AND YOU ROCKED THEMM! awesome blog



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