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The thing that truly gives me a head rush about being an occasional local events host is not the supposed "perks" that it brings (it's a tough gig), but that it oftentimes brings me closer to another thing I'm truly passionate about: music. My lifetime commitment to music began quietly way, way back when I first became a radio jock at the age of 18. Fast forward to 5 years later, and with many genre influences and career changes in between, that love for music remains steadfast, even growing all the more fervently each day.

That's why you can pretty much imagine my bliss when I was tapped to become one of the event hosts for Fete de la Musique 2010 (World Music Fest 2010) here in Cebu City. Initiated by a French cultural ambassador way back in 1982, Fete has become a massive worldwide phenomenon, celebrated in over 400 cities in the world annually. To take part in that kind of revelry is nothing short of breathtaking. Featuring performances from top acts like Brownman Revival, Cattski, Soulstring, Hardwood, guest DJ Springmine Disaster from France, and many others, this event certainly will go down the books as a day where music was celebrated and loved by those who truly understand what it means. It did me proud to have taken part in it.:)

**special thanks to TOPSHOP Ayala and to Yves Camingue. Thanks for the rescue!

hosting duties c/o moi. wearing a tiered lace dress courtesy of Topshop, Parisian lace boots.

Philippine Peace Philharmonic String Quartet.. their classical renditions simply will blow your socks off


Who's Next. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing them play.

I need this shirt in my life. He printed this himself.

with some of the lovely gals behind Fete de la Musique

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  1. that event still rocked my world....the first I had to attend that was in Paseo Cebu when I had to take care of our bar...and I was able to see the show for FREE it was jampacked and the music was really look lovely in your Eden.

    Good thing you have topshop and yves...

    take care love

  2. Aaaw. Wow, I really admire this. I'm also an aspiring host on the side. I've hosted a few little events. Haha. I'm happy for you! My mom is a BIG fan of brownman revival. I like them too. They're super nice when I met them at an event.

    Love your outfit. All black and lace. Pretty and girly but still edgy :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. ooooh i love that guy's twitter shirt!!!!

  4. Amazing pictures, looks like a great time!

  5. love the shirt. your job must be amazing

  6. Looks like this was so fun!!


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