11:47 PM

Next UK shirt, vintage silver biker shorts, chain accessories, Parisian PFW Holiday 10 zip up platforms

new reason to smile. SM Holiday 2010 shoes. who would have thought? thanks mom:)

Reasons for non-updates (aside from being busy):

1) PC got way too many viruses and I just got it fixed
2) A lot on my mind (career path, relationships, etc)
3) I feel kind of unfabulous (gained a kilo back, not cool, f**k)
4) Devoid of some sort of inspiration

Hope you could give me time to get my momentum back. I missed you all.

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  1. been feeling a little lousy lately too. am now thinking of pursuing another career cos I dont think nursing will get me anywhere :s and dont get me started with personal relationships! ah life! quarter life crisis, a friend once said. whatevs. haha!

    but it dont matter Eden, you still look fab! and those shoes are enviable!

    missed you too! :D

  2. youre still pretty sis :) and that Lacey shoes! <3
    hope you get that inspiration back! :)

  3. Eden, you look mightily fierce! you're rockin those space-age biker shorts!

  4. been seeing a lot of bloggers sporting fabulous shoes from SM lately. haven't gotten the chance to see them in actual tho. i'm afraid to wade through the crowded malls of SM. but i guess i should really just toughen up & pass by one of these days!

    and aww, i hope everything works out & that you feel better soon! :)


    boat ride through the sky

  5. Hot shoes, babe! Those local brands never fit me properly!

  6. OMG Eden you rock love!!!! I am in love with your shoes...I can't believe SM has those kinds of shoes...awwww!!!! Anyways will be sending you something via FB...if you have time dear no need to rush...take care

    much love,

  7. SM indeed has leveled up! but im kinda doubting the sturdiness.. do tell if their upto date line of bongga shoes can withstand walking on asphalt ^^
    i missed you!
    The ViXeN's LaiR

  8. amazing shoes! they look so good on you :) i saw them on the rack but i think i wasn't chica enough to handle them hehe but you rock on them.

    i hope you get your inspiration to blog back soon :)

  9. Welcome back! The pattern on that top is incredible!

    p.s. Our blog has moved! We would love for you to visit us at our new site:
    Unfortunately, if you followed us with Google Friend Connect you'll have to re-follow but everything else is the same! Hugs, K

  10. those shoes are great. hope you're feeling back on track soon!

  11. waaahhh...just got new shoes too.and my feet hurts...hehehe.

    the shoes are sooo you jud eden! love it!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  12. Eden!you look AMAZING :D i love the top you're wearing and those awesome shoes:"> welcome back :)


  13. Don't worry about life, you just look fabulous.
    Lovely shoes.
    Thanks for your comment, I'm your 300 follower :D
    xoxo. Angie

  14. taray! kung maka pose oh! hehe. ganda ng shoes!

  15. oh my how a lovely wat to rock metalic spandexxxxxxxx

  16. nice shoes..wanna exchange link and follow me??thx


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