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Hey loves, apologies all around for the delay in posts, as well as being unable to drop by and say hi through all your blogs--there's a lot of time constraints, but hey, at least I'm back with some good news. An idea of mine was greenlighted by an editor of one of our city's top newspapers (totally sparse details so as not to give anything away, hihi) to do a feature on a set of local  individuals that set their own pace and walk to the beat of their own drum, style-wise. I am pretty excited in doing this mini-editorial (will be writing and doing some behind-the-scenes work), cuz for sure we'll be taking it to the streets in the best way they know possible-through their massively badass sense of style.

So who are they, exactly? Developments soon enough, because as you may have already figured out, this is just a teaser post. But things are looking up! Thanks for the love, always:)

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  1. Congrats for this one Eden...and very excited with the teaser looks very promising and interesting...take care love...


  2. oh wow! this is exciting! do keep us posted!

  3. very cool eye accessories! heheh

  4. I love all the freakin awesome.

    Ahh, you rockstar :D

    p.s. check out my blog...I'm having a giveaway :)

  5. love the studs. love all the black. everything is awesome. =D



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