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So over the weekend I took on an event hosting gig that lasted from Apr 30-May 2 for Yamaha Motors Philippines in Ayala Center-Cebu. Basically it was the Cebu leg of their fiesta-inspired nationwide caravan that showcases the latest motorcycle models from Yamaha, as well as newly introduced Yamaha|Apparel, the company's very own clothing line thats geared towards the active motorcycle lifestyle. A super long event to host, but I had a lot of fun doing it, worked with the most incredibly nice people and just basically enjoyed my whole tenure in the program.:)

Because of my lack of time to post for actual gratuitous outfit shots I've decided to just document what I'd wear for the whole 3 days to at least make up for the lost time. Hehe. Figured I'd go for something classic moto-inspired, since the event was all about actual motoring, anyway. Hehe.

I'd like to extend my deepest thanks to my co-emcee Bobby Bee, to Maki of Yamaha, and to Gavin Jumao-as, Guenny Jumao-as Flores, Camille Benedicto, Shaleem Tiannok, Miss Jida and the rest of the prod team.. you guys made it so much easier and worthwhile.

custom cropped moto jacket, to order from Yves Identify. DSKNKT chainwear, vintage maille-inspired shirt, CLove shorts, DIY rollover studded boots

Dominic working his behind-the-scenes make-up magic

hamming it up with Yves and my co-host for the event, Bobby Bee of Killer Bee 92.3-Cebu

with young make-up artist Dominic Sy.. think he did a lovely job!

yep, I got lines on my shave again but i think this will grow out really, really fast. Hair and make-up by Dominic Sy

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  1. You have such a fabulous life. :P

    Also, cool outfit, definitely perfect for a motor-related event.

  2. That's a really fierce outfit! your shoes = love! :D

  3. i still haven't joined your giveaway, Eden. will mouse over to Sophistix after this ;)

    i love your cropped jacket!
    cool outfit befitting the event ;)

  4. great outfit love!!! I was not able to drop by last Sunday...and was too shy to check out the event last Saturday hahahhaa!!! but hopefully we can meet really really soon...

    super chic and the new lines on your hair...

    Take care always,

  5. You look fab! Wowwwwww. :) And yessss, I love the boots! To drool for! T_T

  6. Yess rock the hair! Im growing mine out now, my curls are back with a vengeance and so the shave will have to take the back seat. Im in love with that jacket.. your friend Yves sure is talented, does he have a website where I can see his stuff? x

  7. I love your boots!!!

  8. ahh i had been in ayala all week and I just knew ikaw d i ang host.. i wouldve waved hi.. ehhehe

    youre definitely setting a trend here ^^

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  9. I suuuper love your boots too. Can't believe it's DIYed. I'm jealous! I don't know how to do/create stuff (not the crafty person, aaa :( ).

    I'll TRY making one too! Can't wait to see who won your contest :)

    Melai :)

  10. Eden, you look so badass! really love those boots!

  11. did i tell u ur a goddess? see u when i get back in a couple of weeks... oh im partyin wit dee kosh tomoz xx

  12. you pulled it off perfectly!!!

    *wiping off the drool from my face* killer shoes!

  13. you really have a great sense of style! from hair to shoes.

  14. Love the entire outfit,dear! And those boots are to die for!

  15. you look chic as always eden! you rock those shoes :) i'll try to enter the contest, the price looks fab

    have a great weekend!

  16. that DIY jacket is awesome eden!
    wish i have time to DIY..without lacking sleep and falling off my chair at work.LOL. i swear, my job right now is a snoozer...and i try hard not to fall asleep.hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  17. you really are the most cool girl, I love your denim shorts!

  18. i love the boots and i love the hair eden!!!!
    stay gorgeous... *wink*


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