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I know that I've been MIA for the longest time! But apologies aside, I'm back and definitely will be up to speed soon enough. Well at least till the next project comes. Kidding! I'll always, always try hard to update you with the latest.

So who exactly will walk away with the top prizes from Sophistix? Who was able to charm them bosses with an answer that epitomizes the perfect Sophistix gal? Drumroll please..

Congratulations to NICOLE aka SAUCY F BABY! Her winning answer:

"I would definitely rock the Zip-Front Tulip Dress with this Jennie Red Threaded Belt The dress stands out by itself so I feel it needs minimal accessories which is why I decided to choose the belt to add a pop of color. I love the print & the zipper detailing in the front of the dress. Also love the cap sleeves which add great shoulder detail & the bubble hem! & if it gets a little chilly, I would throw on thisElaine Black Blazer. I would wear this outfit to dinner or a date. . .BUT ON 2ND THOUGHT, I'd wear this anywhere & for any occasion! It's super cute to only wear on special occasions, but it will definitely still work for special occasions if need be."

Cute! be getting in touch with you soon to process your items in the mail. Congrats again!

leaving you with pictures of me with my own Sophistix goodness, the incredible Stella double-breasted twill blazer. Be in touch w all of you soon!
Stella Twill double-breasted blazer, Sophistix. white shirt from ING, old pleather shorts, Yves neckpiece

gotta love em plush toys
light and shadow play like a candy-colored fantasy

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  1. I miss your post!!! great blazer you got here....OMG!!! you lucky girl...keep the post coming eden...miss your outfit post as well...take care always love...mwuah!!!

    much love,

  2. lovely photos as always eden ^^ congrats to the winner!

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  3. your blazer is just really gorgeous and your shoes too. xx

  4. This is HOTTTT. I love your outfit. The blazer is amazing. And with the shorts? so cool. So cool.


  5. Hi sis, just wondering did you mail the prize that I won last January? did you get the address that I gave you thru your email ad?

  6. the attitude just gets better and better x

  7. the shoes are sooo gorgeous! i love the look! :)

  8. hello, sexy sexy lady.

    how goes it all these days with you?

    miss you much.

    p.s. congrats to the winner....beautiful outfit :)

  9. i love your necklaces and the blazer :)

  10. I'm late on seeing this post but thanks so much Eden!!! It means alot! I can't wait to receive my prize!

    Love your blazer & boots! :D

    xo Nicole

  11. aaaaack those boots!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  12. great outfit! love the blazer im obsessed w/this color right now


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