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11:15 PM

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I'm extending my giveaway for another week as I know I've been a delinquent blogger. You guys already know my pressing work schedules, so to explain it would be redundant again. Hehe. But i promise I've got a lot more posts for this week, plus the winning entry announcement, so things should be fun.:)

Just a little over the weekend me and my homegays (Yves, young designer Brylle Quirante and make-up artist Dominic Sy) decided to help out our friend Joy for her personal model folio by styling it for her- main difference is, we were not able to bring a lot of clothes at all, as it had been a hectic day as well for all of us.. So with clothes off our backs, and then some from the photographers, we came out with something surprisingly pleasant.

Kudos to incredible photog couple Reynald Geonson and Ellen Grace Renegado for the shots.:)

Seeing Double-Ellen Shift Dress from Sophistix, vintage chambray blazer, Zinc wedges and DSKNKT multichain lariat

custom cropped moto jacket, to order from Yves Identify. vintage brocade dress, People are People heels

Channeling an effortlessly fun urban sleekness with the Ellen Shift Dress from Sophistix, vintage chambray blazer, Zinc wedges and DSKNKT multichain lariat

Quirky gingham 
Channeling editrix chic with muted and nude tones

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  1. Love that plaid dress! Stunning!

    Have a lovely Tuesday, darling! ♥

  2. Fun fun fun! <3

  3. Gorgeous! Love the styling and the shots. Congrats!

  4. I think these pictures look great! And different from the usual modeling photos!

  5. Nice pictures, she looks really good!

  6. Very cool looks and leather jacket!

  7. Great job! She looks amazing! Love the styling ;) xoxo


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