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Yes guys, I know I've been uber delinquent with outfit posts.:( Sue me and handcuff me right away! Seriously, I'm just so pressed for time these days, its not even funny. But things should look up next week--and I'm doing an event series this weekend, so that should count for outfit posts anyway. Hehe.

So yeah, I'm feeling the weather change these days. It's actually starting to get windy, as opposed to just hellishly hot and humid. "Pre-fall" coming up? Maybe. Again we only have 2 seasons, but in the very least i'm hoping for a reprieve from the extremely hot or extremely rainy, because I saw this reversible fur vest (faux silver fox hair/white suede reverse) and it was just mad, mad love. Cost way more than the usual thrifted vintage, but well worth the buck.

don't ever buy new real fur. no one wants to be on PETA's flour-bomb watchlist.
just enjoyed the irony of a lighter near a fake fur vest, because everyone knows the hazards of that together (and those are shorts by the way, people.)
locale: Yves' room. taken some time at 3 am while we were up all night making accessories for a show. fun.
And ooh, guess what came in the mail for me today---

My goodies from the good people at Sophistix! Love! Again, you too can get your own Sophistix outfit set with items of your choice. I can't wait to wear these.. Don't miss out on our great giveaway! XX
Goodies from Sophistix.. felt and fit right

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  1. whoa!
    playing fire while wearing fur.


  2. that fur vest is so fuckinay cool!!and ooh, fashion loot! woot! lucky you!

  3. ganda! kaloka ang fur for summer. ^^ win!

  4. i love your silver faux fur Eden! i think i have the same one but without collars. and i love your accessories here plus your hair is getting better and better!! gorgeous cut! :)

  5. wow i love your outfit! your blog is so cool and nice!
    thanks for your lovely comment :)

  6. Your hair do rocks! Also have a great face to pull it off!

    Have a great day!

  7. Hi! :)

    I saw your comment in my blog. Super thanks for dropping by! I'm really new here so I'm really happy to discover treasure blogs (like yours) here in the web. Joined your contest. I had fun writing the look that I wanted for a special event. I totally imagined it. Haha.

    Nice photos. And, my! I love your very daring hair! I'm now your follower :) Keep it up :)

  8. E,

    Perfect yan if for the rainy season or for cold nights. You look hot as always! ;)


  9. nice vest eden!!!

    oh, i replied to your email by the way, sorry for the late reply, your message was in my spam list.. dunno why=(

  10. love the fur and the pictures...dear!!!!

    hope I can meet you soon, take care always dear!!!

    are you going to the world bloggers day this Sunday??? hope to see you there and meet you soon.. Gave your gift to Kristine last Saturday by the way.

    excited for the giveaway, lucky you!!!!

    Take Care love,


  11. if it was real fur i'd slap you senseless personally even if it's pretty or whatever! :(

    but since it's faux... i still love you <3

  12. Girl your hair is SO fierce. So perfect with the fur vest

  13. unta mawala na ang kainit and masuot nanimo nay T_T

    happy world bloggers' day ! ^^

  14. that fur vest is fab! also, LOVE your wild hair. you're very brave! AND you're from Cebu, which automatically makes you amazing. (i'm from Manila, but both my parents are Cebuanos. :D) will follow you on Bloglovin!


  15. hahay, PI weather suppresses our day dreams of wearing layers and jackets and in ur case, fur...hehehe.

    i can't pick an outfit from your give-away man oie..just so overwhelmed with it.hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  16. i still cant get over with ur hair :D

  17. your haircut blows me away



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