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Hello again all, hope you guys missed moi.. haha. Sorry it took this long for an update-as you guys would know by now, I do a whole list of other things that are not  fashion and  blogging related, and unfortunately that cramps my writing schedule sometimes.:( Plus, I got sick, which totally sucks. However, I will make it up to y'all with something uber special tomorrow.  250 followers.. wow. overwhelming:)

So what exactly has been happening? Well, aside from work, I've finished a student short film (did tell you I occasionally do film and theater stints), did a few voice samples for clients, et cetera. Stress much? It's all fun, though. Over the weekend, I also did a taping for a guesting on a local reality show/VJ hunt, the RCTV Screentest 2010, during the event of international DJ Stonebridge here in our city. Boy, was that experience fun, interacting with the aspiring VJs and all. Can't really divulge the details about that for now, but I'm hoping that turned out well. Oh, and good luck to the candidates!

Just sharing a few pictures of the night before I head out again. I'll get back to you guys soon.. Thanks for stopping by!

candid with Paula (with crimped hair, at that) and Aoi after taping
with aspiring VJs Patrick Rizarri and Kia Sebastian, Yves and yours truly (doing a 'Mariah' -bandage dress and a tan. Lol. bodycon by Kamiseta. styling by Yves Camingue, make-up and hair by Dominic Sy)

Aoi rocking a full shredded dress. Mad skills! DIY by Brylle Q

Highlighter much? Yves flaunting his uber Day-Glo yellow hoodie. Traffic-stopping!
the evening's best dressed VJ candidate, IMO-- way to go Kia Sebastian for rocking clashing prints so well! Topshop top, Yves Identify skirt. styling by Yves Camingue
goofing off with the RCTV cameramen
93.1 Club Radio's Marvin Evangelista starting the evening's party (not a good shot I'm afraid)

**special thanks to RCTV's Alexis Yap, Timeframe's Mark Masa, Yves Camingue and Dominic Sy

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  1. fashionista...ecstatic.. parang kung ako naman yung pumunta diyan left out ako..but looks like u've had a lot of fun

  2. Nice job you got there,=).
    Plus has anyone told you that you have a resemblance with the Olsen twins,=), I love them and I follow Olsens Anonymous,=)

  3. everyone looks so cute....
    Your hair looks amazing.

    Its good to be able to finally comment again... so snowed under with uni :(

  4. wow!!!! wonderful experience wonder you are so busy!!!! hope to meet you someday...I am pretty much available so that I can give you my treat.

    Take care love!



  5. amazing outfits! love your blog

    check mine out please!!

    xx, wild

  6. hey eden! such a busy lady!
    love the bandage dress...would love to have seen the whole outfit. i love that your hair has grown out a's softer now..especially with that hair color..

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  7. Sounds like a crazy busy night!

  8. Wow, lady. You've been busy! And you look beautiful!


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