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The holidays are fast approaching and it's getting busier by the minute. I hope you guys had a great start to December, and hopefully a lot of moolah to be buying the things off your wishlist this Christmas. I'm craving for way too many shoes and stuff yet again, but still finding the means to be able to buy at least some of them off. Good luck to me!

Thanks to the boif who took these outfit shots of me. I know you don't see me wearing a lot of color, but one can't go wrong with digital prints...IMO, they're seasonless and fun. Plus, I got this tunic for a steal.

thrifted blazer, digital print tunic from GCM, Parisian shoes

Wore this to the wedding of my bestest best friend, Barbra. The ceremonies are just simple, but all the more touching. I can't believe how time has passed and after a decade of insanely fun times and  swearing off commitments and embracing singlehood together, she is now happily tied down. Can you say tearjerker much? Safe to say I can't be any more happier that she's found someone who I know will uphold all the "I do's".

and this just in. thanks to Andy for including my short interview in the special Christmas supplement of Sunstar Daily!:) My short section pointed out below. hehehe.
Thanks for dropping by, guys! Much love xxoo

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  1. cute memories you have there Eden...and loving the splash of colors in you...I am not really use to seeing you in full blast eye candy colors but loving it...looking good love...


  2. awesome! i love how you paired that tunic with a toned down blazer. :)

  3. Eden! I love the outfit :) Love the colors! I remember my best friend's wedding. Very much like this too :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. Love the colors of your outfit :) hehe the boyfriend takes me outfit shots too hehe :) and congrats to the newly weds!

  5. wow.. Loving the digital prints.. They are so fab.. You perfectly pulled it all together.. :)

  6. oooh.. i really love your dress eden! you look good in colors! and yes, I'm also craving for more shoes this holiday, i'm hoping that my ninongs and ninangs will be generous enough this year and give me some moolah for shoe shopping. goodluck to us! hope you get to buy what you want. :)

    I Am DollParts

  7. love the dress! congrats to your friend :)


  8. such a pretty tunic the colors r amazing!

  9. oooh you would think that the colors would clash but it didn't! loves it! x

  10. ooh! thats Judge Paredes right there! eheh

    love the dress! something I see myself wearing too ^^

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  11. wow, awesome suit.. i love it, the style as well really speaks.. right pick..

  12. Love your tunic dress and shoes! :)

    You have a nice page! :) and yeeeaah sure! I am following your blog now and hope you'll follow mine too and be friends! :)

    have a nice day!

  13. Such bold prints, lovely blog,
    Ella Jasmine

  14. I'm also carving for shoes... and clothes! Gah. Christmas is making me broke.. :))

    Anyway, nice outfit! Love the colors!


  15. hey first time visiting here! :) i love your outfit! i agree with the digital prints being seasonless :) congrats to your bff :)

    hope you can visit my blog too :)

    <3hazel (

  16. i'll be attending my high school friend's wedding this weekend! :) everyone seems to be getting married these days :) lol. i guess...we've reached that age when we no longer attend debuts but weddings! :)

  17. Eden how are you! Looking great as ever. Love the colorful tunic and the camel blazer. Looks like a fun simple wedding with lovely friends. :)

    Have a great week!

  18. looove your dress!!xx

  19. gorgeous dress Eden girl!=D love the colors and how it fits you:) by the way, ill be in cebu from the 25th til the 29th. Hope we could get together--have dinner or something! Gizelle knows my number already. Hope to see you guys there! I wanna meet Yves too!:)

  20. Oh love the digital print absolutely stunning

  21. I love the colorful tunic! And gorgeous bride! :)

    <3 Kelly

  22. love the colorful outfit topped with a nude blazer! lovely!

  23. i love the play of colors of your dress. By the way i have an awesome award for you. Check out the link below:

    The Stylish Blog Award

  24. Wow, it has been a LONG ASS time since I've blogged, and I missed yours so I figured I'd stop by and say Hey! Even though I see you haven't posted in a while haha. Anyway, hope your holidays were good and that we meet again the blogosphere soon!! ♥

  25. lovely photos!! love the burst of color and great blazer :)

  26. i love the outfit! been reading your blog for quite some time now. i love your fashion style and so are your outfit posts! we hope to get to meet you in person.

    followed and linked your blog in ours!

  27. Your blog is so cute! <3 the outfit too!

    Follow me,

  28. Great combinations of colors. Love the top in the first look.


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