Lifedance 2012: In Pictures and a Rundown

4:28 PM

Wearing a custom cut-out top from Yves Identify, Forever 21 tribal bondage skirt, Asianvogue creepers, stud Aztec necklace and stud bag from Oasap, chain accessory from Simon and assorted downtown accessories

Special thanks to Paul Gotiong, Kimberly Mendero, Gabriel Espina Vasquez, Event Photographer Society-Cebu, Jem Villaverde and Blanc Magazine Online for their event photos.

Last May 26, partyphiles from Cebu and beyond came together to make history by partying up a storm and dancing till the break of dawn in the hugely successful staging of Lifedance 2012. No expense was spared in making sure that the partygoers got a visual and aural treat tailor fit to compete on an international scale. Huge LED screens, state-of-the-art sound equipment and the masterful technical direction left everyone at awe of the scale and intensity of the event. That, along with fireworks lighting up the night skies literally every hour, as well as seeing young stylistas dressed up to the nines proved to be quite an amazing sight.

Highlighting the event are the back-to-back performances of trance legend (and a personal favorite of mine) Chicane and the young but incredibly talented Bjornberg who set the stage on fire with their hot dance favorites as well as some of Chicane's classic tracks. Local acts like Funk Avy, War, Distraction, Bong Durano, Marvin Evangelista, DJ Nina and Ira Cruz also proved that they can hold their own by also successfully leading the crowd into a partying frenzy. These pictures don't even begin to describe the revelry! Y
ou just really had to be there to grasp the intensity of it all.

I can't begin to thank the powerhouse team behind Lifedance, Paradiso Full House Concepts and Legwork Productions for the confidence that they have given me as one of their Event Ambassadors and for making sure we were fully taken care of. To Bing, Seffy, Mark, Tessa, Gahum, and the rest of their team down to their crew and personnel-- you guys deserve more than just a pat on the back for staging a feat never been achieved here before. Everything was equally well-thought out and executed, and everyone's comfort level was still a priority. Definitely can't beat that.

And for that, major hats off to you guys! Can't wait for the next installment of Lifedance.:)

Finally got this awesome bag and Aztec stud necklace from OASAP as well. The wait was excruciating, but worth it! Thanks again,!

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  1. looks like one sick party! and your top is sooo you even though it's yellow. hihi. :)

  2. Indeed love! People should just go and experient to know how truly outstanding the event was! It was remarkable!

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  4. Pictures look amazing, lovely blog you have!


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